Ohhh, Anger... And Fixing the World.

I have a ferocious level of Anger here with me today. Fer-fucking-rocious.

Maybe it is because Mother's Day is coming up and I hate Mother's Day. Maybe it is because, yesterday, I vowed to destroy BigTech. That's a huge undertaking and today, possibly, I feel what that entails.

Maybe it is because my child was on her tiny phone for 45 minutes yesterday and then I had to ask her to get off. Maybe it is the fully loaded smartphone that was given to her by her Dad and brought into my home in a real repulsive way. Maybe it is the repulsivity of the world.

Maybe it's because we are to be living outdoors everyday -- but we're not. Maybe it is the affects of prolonged under-employment...

But, I'm done with it all. I am a Billionaire now. Thank you for hearing me vent. Onto my next post:

I Am A Billionaire.


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