Thursday, March 22, 2012

Great Article

Little One is officially registered into Canada's state-of-the-art public education system. She will be starting full day Kindergarten (I'll touch on that one another time) in the fall. Click here for an article that talks about the importance of play in education.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Interview For Little One

What is your most favorite thing? Princess costumes

How much do you weigh? Um, thirteen

Why did Darci and Kim get married? Because they wrote down their details and they make lots of money and then they bought their dress and then, then then and and then an, an an um they got engaged.

What's the difference between an Aunty and a Grandma? They have different faces

Why does Aunty Shelby have such long hair? Cuz she got a haircut and then her hair grow longer and longer and longer and longer and longer

Why does Simon make so much noise? Cuz he's a dog

What do you think Aunty Heather is doing right now? Making her house smell pretty and cleaning her house

Who is your favorite Aunty? Aunty Darci because she gives me gum

Can you tell me the directions to Grammy's house? Left right straight and then left right straight left right straight, and then straight straight straight and then turn and then straight straight straight and then turn on Willingdon and the you're at Grammy's park and then you turn back on Willingdon and then you're at GRammy's house and if you see any garage that's grammy's house... Turn!!

What does Uncle Garnet smell like? Yucky skunk

What would it be like to be in a band? Um too noisy! (She plugs her ears).

Do you want Grandpa to come visit? Yes,

What will you do when Grandpa gets to Vancouver? Play with him and play hide and seek.

If I didn't play the piano, what would I do instead? You would eat dark chocolate

What does Granny Mac dream about? Forget it, I don't know

What colour is Granny Mac's hair? Brown

What do you like about skiing? That we get to go on the ski hill and then go down really fast and mommy makes it so we can't go skiing cuz we can't go skiing down the hill cuz I have to go around the corner 100 times.

Do you want to go skiing again? Yeah

When are you going to get a job? When I'm 89

When will you start paying me rent? When I'm 39

...Mamma, I don't want to ask any more questions ok?