Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Time!

She had a wonderful Christmas! We were at Aunty Amber's and Uncle Andy's house. Her dad is here all week as he doesn't have to work over Christmas. Her Grandma and Grandpa came to visit and also many of our friends. As always, she was constant entertainment.

Every morning when she decides she's awake, she pops up and hollers, "dada!?". She heads straight for the door and tries to pry it open with her little fingers. I go open it for her and she toddles to the living room to see who is awake and ready to play.

She plays peek-a-boo now. Although, it's not the cover your eyes, say peek-a-boo, and then uncover your eyes peek-a-boo that you're thinking. She'll spot someone from across the room, on the other side of the coffee table, or from around the corner, make eye contact, and then duck back again. Then when she pokes her head out and sees you again, she throws herself on the floor laughing her head off. Sometimes she snorts when she laughs so hard.

On Boxing Day, her dad and I took her to the mall playground. Why some parents decide that allowing their child to plow right into a toddler at the bottom of the slide or that running through a crowded indoor playground is OK is far beyond me.

Typically, I handle these children without manners quite well but yesterday I wasn't on my game. I was caught off guard more than once -- these children are quick! I mean one moment Molly is happily playing with the steering wheel on the crayon car and the next moment she's sandwiched between two older children who, I guess have decided that she doesn't need to be there. Normally, I'm more of a bodyguard in these situations and make it perfectly (and reasonably) clear that they can use the toy when she's done with it. I even follow through and go get the child to let them know when the toy is available. Anyways, I decided I needed to leave the play-area when a kid sprinted right past me and I non-chalantly bent my knee out and made him stumble. I was horrified once I realized that I had just tried to take out a five year old and told Grant, "I think I need to get out of here. I just tried to trip a kid."

We went and cruised the mall instead and then went to look at the puppy in the pet store window. She stood there and hollered at it. It was pretty funny. Now it's her bedtime. Good night!

* DISCLAIMER * The author of this blog does not support buying pets from a pet store, ESPECIALLY PUPPIES. Instead, adopt one from the pound or buy one from a very responsible breeder ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blocks! The Best Toy Ever!

So what does a Holistic Mommy get her toddler for Christmas? A set of unit blocks of course! The ones I bought are the Melissa and Doug 60 piece standard unit blocks:

Why blocks? Well because they can become...

A pony castle:

Or a troll bridge:

I have more but they're on my laptop -- which is a nine hour drive away :)

If you've got some time here is a great post on unit blocks and what makes them so important. And yes, Molly has had some form of blocks from the point she realized she had hands that could move things... Or, should I say, a nose that could move things...

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Week Of Visiting... and Way Too Much Time Spent In the Airport (Pt. 2)

While waiting at the gate in the airport, Molly took it upon herself to spread a little holiday cheer around to all the travellers and boy did she do a good job. She toddled around giving everyone a high-pitched "hi" and a wave. Not being a shy kid, she would have personally greeted every single person if I let her. You can definitely tell who the baby friendly folks are. They're the ones who, upon seeing a baby charging towards them, light right up and reach their hands out to greet her. You know by the look on their faces that this one moment is going to make their whole entire day; babies are amazing that way. I like to give people their baby fix so I just let her go and quite often she'll end up on a lap or hugging someone's leg. She usually gets to play with a cell phone, purse, glasses and even gets to play the nose-poke game now and then. After said stranger has had their baby fix (and probably going to talk about this cute baby for the rest of the week), we head off to spread some more cheer around.

Not everybody is so infatuated with babies, however. You can tell who these people are as well. They will see a baby charging toward them and try really, really hard not to make eye contact with her or myself. They shift their whole body away and try to blend in with the bench they're sitting on. Or, they will look up and then back down without even cracking a smile. I can read a person like a book and they seem to be saying, "get your effing kid away from me." In this case, I just take her little hand and redirect her attention elsewhere.

As with most toddlers, she is obsessed with cellphones and anyone on their cell phone is an instant target. Little Molly can't be fooled either. As she would be beelining to somebody on their phone, I would pick her up and plop her down somewhere else. With her being a baby, I figured she would be too disoriented to find her way back to the person on the phone. Wrong. As soon as her feet touched ground, she pointed her little body back into the right direction and headed right for the cellphone talker. How did she know? We don't give babies enough credit.

Well I've gotta go find my toothbrush. She threw hers in the toilet the other day so I've been brushing her teeth with mine. This morning I let her carry it around the house and haven't seen it since. My teeth are a little fuzzy and my breath is smelly, I need to go to bed.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Week Of Visiting... and Way Too Much Time Spent In the Airport (Pt. 1)

We are at the end of a week long trip of seeing family and friends. It all started with a cancelled flight...

While most people were stressed because their flight got cancelled, I was frazzled at the thought of having to return to the baggage carousel to retrieve my four ginourmous pieces of luggage. I was all by myself -- with a baby. You know those moments when you want to throw yourself down on the floor and cry for your mommy? This was one of those moments. I rented one of those fancy dancy luggage carts. I had to rent one, like a shopping cart, and for no other reason than luck did I happen to have a loonie on me that morning. Otherwise, I definitely would have thrown myself down and cried for my mommy.

At the baggage carousel...

I snagged the first Westjet employee I could find. I love Westjet employees. They're like Christmas elves, always so happy and willing to help in their colourful, striped shirts. Well, this woman had my bags stacked securely on the cart and me pointed in the right direction in about two minutes flat. I headed off to the desk to figure out the flight situation.

At this point Molly had just fallen asleep in the carrier. I stood in line and waited and waited and waited... Then, a George Clooney look-alike (in a striped shirt) noticed I was a poor mother all by her lonesome. He pulled me out of the line and said, "I'm going to take care of you personally". My only job was to stand there and do nothing while he went and figured everything out for me -- I could handle that. He would return periodically to give me updates and then finally returned and put me on a later flight of my choice and gave me a Westjet credit for my inconveniences. Very thankful, I asked for his full name before leaving (to send a nice letter telling Westjet how rad their employees are) to which he checked his watch and responded, "I'm sorry, I'm off right now and I've really got to get out of here." I looked at him confused to which he responded, "oh, my agent number is _ _ _ _" I guess I came across as hitting on him. I felt silly, and then I realized I had just been shot down... Ouch.

It ended up being a great day. I ran into a friend who's flight was also cancelled. Molly and I ended up staying at her place that night as both our flights weren't scheduled until the next morning. We went to see another friend who just had a baby. Her baby is two months old and I finally got to meet her! At two months post-natal, I sure wasn't together enough to whip together dinner for guests on such short notice but she was. I was quite impressed. Dinner was delicious and then we all stayed up late catching up and watching a movie before heading out to catch some zzz's.

The next morning, Molly and I caught our plane and were off to Edmonton! It was -28 there. It felt really cold. I need to go back to the arctic; the south is turning me into a softy. In Edmonton we stayed at Uncle Garnet's and Aunty Heather's. Grandpa and Aunty Darci showed up as well. Darci took over all the diaper changes and baths -- she'll make a great husband one day :) Molly was very excited to see her family. After Edmonton I visited with some friends in the sunny Okanagan. I saw my sister who is selling her jewellery in the mall, and now I have just arrived in Vancouver where, I guess is home now. I just need to find a place. I should rename this blog "Transient Mommy".

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mothers: Always Go With Your Gut

One thing I've learned as a mommy is that a mother's instinct is very real. So, when my toddler is cruising around diaperless, as she often does, and I have the sudden sense that I should put her diaper back on immediately, then I should put her diaper back on immediately. If not, then I deserve to pick up the fresh log and pee puddle that now sits on the carpet -- less than 60 seconds after having that thought...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

An Eventful Day

She attended her first birthday party today! There were so many kids there -- big kids, little kids, medium sized kids. It felt strange to leave her in the playroom to play with them all but, she fit right in. She did quite well I must say -- as did I. She didn't get trampled nor did she tackle anyone (like she does with our four dogs and with the children at playgroup).

I went into the playroom at one point and told the older kids, "if she starts to bother you just holler BABY! and I'll come get her". Well, she tried to take the socks off of one girl's feet and also tried taking their dollhouse for a walk. Other than that, everything was just peachy and they all had a gay old time together. She loved the balloons that were all over the place. She would walk around the house with a balloon three times the size of her head in her mouth; she probably thought the knot was a nipple... Silly baby. I don't know how she could see where she was going. Although, with just three weeks of walking under your belt, watching where you're going wouldn't really matter. One little guy found a plastic dog on a rope and he towed it throughout the house. Molly got sooo excited when she saw that toy; she laughed, hollered, shrieked, flapped her arms, stomped her feet and then followed the dog everywhere the boy pulled it.

Tonight, we went to see Santa Claus who was in town to light the big Christmas tree. He showed up on a firetruck! Santa was in the ladder which raised up to the top of the tree. Everybody counted to three and then he waved his hand and the tree lit up. Every single kid in the crowd nearly fell over; the expressions on their faces were priceless. One little girl's eyes were so huge I thought they were going to pop right out of their sockets. After the tree was lit, Santa was lowered to the ground -- right in front of us! He got out and walked right passed us; if Molly were two or three she would have fainted. Speaking of two year olds... Just then my friend's almost two year old whizzed right past me with her chasing behind. Apparently, as soon as Santa touched ground he bolted off to find him. She managed to keep up with him and he got to see Santa.

Now we're at home and Molly's asleep. Ahhh... Tomorrow we're going straight to Grammy's to have a full day of Christmas crafts and card making. I don't know what we'll make yet. I'm on my way to Google right now to find out!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Molly can:

  • Run - yes I said run!
  • Scribble on paper (and then eat the crayons when she's done)
  • Brush her teeth - sort of
  • Wash her face - sort of
  • Give kisses
  • Open the sliding door to the bathroom and go inside (little booger)
  • Sit at the table at playgroup and eat snack with all the other kids without falling out of her chair
  • Get mad
  • Hold just about any object up to her ear like a telephone and say, "hello" in her high pitched voice
  • Find the armholes in her shirts and the leg holes in her pants and help me get her dressed
  • Point her chubby little toes so I can put her socks on
  • Put on her toque and mitts - sort of
  • Take off her toque and mitts
  • Tear her shirt off like the Hulk if she doesn't want to get dressed right now
  • Stack objects on top of each other
  • Fall back to sleep on her own - sometimes
  • Hold a glass and drink without spilling
  • Drink a Steamer (steamed milk) from a straw at the coffee shop with Grammy
  • Sound like a typewriter when she laughs really hard:



Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh... Ding!

  • Turn the roughest, toughest, looking strangers to goo

And new this morning:

  • Drink out of the dog's water dish just like a dog!


It's December 1st! Christmas season has officially begun at our house (I wonder if the roommates know this!?). I wait until December to do anything because I can't stand all the commercialism of Christmas and don't believe we need to start celebrating it right after Remembrance Day. So, I bite my teeth and wait until exactly December first and then there's no stopping me!

Grammy, Molly and I made our first batch of Christmas cookies last night. OK, so it was still November but, we made an exception because it was the weekend. Otherwise we would have had to wait a FULL FIVE DAYS for another weekend to do our cookies.

Yesterday I picked up a Martha Stewart Living holiday edition magazine because I found a really cool card holder that I want to make. I picked it up at the thrift store, of course. Yes, I do buy magazines at the thrift store and for good reason -- I'm going to have the Christmasy-est house around thanks to second hand magazines OK? Today, I'm going to hang the paper snowflakes that I made last week... Paper snowflakes, by the way, are a winter craft NOT a Christmas craft so they are allowed before December 1st.

I've misplaced the download cord for my camera -- I think it may be in Vancouver, oops! I would like to show off our daily Christmas craft projects so I'll have to hunt it down. Oh, and of course pictures of Little One!


Last night Grammy made a delicious spicy cashew chicken stirfry. It was sooo good and I got to take the leftovers home. When I got home, I dumped all my stuff and went to put Molly to bed... and fell asleep. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning remembering that they were still sitting out and put them in the fridge.

So, if the stirfry had been out overnight (for 9 hours) and now it's right back in the fridge CAN I STILL EAT IT!!!!?????!!!!!!??? I obviously won't give any to baby. But, it was so good and the thought of wasting makes me want to vomit... Please, please say it's OK!?