Monday, December 1, 2008

Molly can:

  • Run - yes I said run!
  • Scribble on paper (and then eat the crayons when she's done)
  • Brush her teeth - sort of
  • Wash her face - sort of
  • Give kisses
  • Open the sliding door to the bathroom and go inside (little booger)
  • Sit at the table at playgroup and eat snack with all the other kids without falling out of her chair
  • Get mad
  • Hold just about any object up to her ear like a telephone and say, "hello" in her high pitched voice
  • Find the armholes in her shirts and the leg holes in her pants and help me get her dressed
  • Point her chubby little toes so I can put her socks on
  • Put on her toque and mitts - sort of
  • Take off her toque and mitts
  • Tear her shirt off like the Hulk if she doesn't want to get dressed right now
  • Stack objects on top of each other
  • Fall back to sleep on her own - sometimes
  • Hold a glass and drink without spilling
  • Drink a Steamer (steamed milk) from a straw at the coffee shop with Grammy
  • Sound like a typewriter when she laughs really hard:



Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh... Ding!

  • Turn the roughest, toughest, looking strangers to goo

And new this morning:

  • Drink out of the dog's water dish just like a dog!


It's December 1st! Christmas season has officially begun at our house (I wonder if the roommates know this!?). I wait until December to do anything because I can't stand all the commercialism of Christmas and don't believe we need to start celebrating it right after Remembrance Day. So, I bite my teeth and wait until exactly December first and then there's no stopping me!

Grammy, Molly and I made our first batch of Christmas cookies last night. OK, so it was still November but, we made an exception because it was the weekend. Otherwise we would have had to wait a FULL FIVE DAYS for another weekend to do our cookies.

Yesterday I picked up a Martha Stewart Living holiday edition magazine because I found a really cool card holder that I want to make. I picked it up at the thrift store, of course. Yes, I do buy magazines at the thrift store and for good reason -- I'm going to have the Christmasy-est house around thanks to second hand magazines OK? Today, I'm going to hang the paper snowflakes that I made last week... Paper snowflakes, by the way, are a winter craft NOT a Christmas craft so they are allowed before December 1st.

I've misplaced the download cord for my camera -- I think it may be in Vancouver, oops! I would like to show off our daily Christmas craft projects so I'll have to hunt it down. Oh, and of course pictures of Little One!


Last night Grammy made a delicious spicy cashew chicken stirfry. It was sooo good and I got to take the leftovers home. When I got home, I dumped all my stuff and went to put Molly to bed... and fell asleep. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning remembering that they were still sitting out and put them in the fridge.

So, if the stirfry had been out overnight (for 9 hours) and now it's right back in the fridge CAN I STILL EAT IT!!!!?????!!!!!!??? I obviously won't give any to baby. But, it was so good and the thought of wasting makes me want to vomit... Please, please say it's OK!?


  1. I'd eat it...try it, all of it. Let us know what happens within the next 24hrs after consumption.

  2. It's been over four hours and all I have is a little gas. Haha, kidding! I don't get gas because I'm a lady :)

  3. Hello over there,
    You've been junk-shopping? Show and tell, show and tell!

  4. Ooh have I ever! Once I find my camera cord I can download pictures and fill y'all in!