Tuesday, November 18, 2008

H*** Week Is Almost Over!

This week consisted of:

~ Me being out-both-ends-sick and not getting out of bed for 36 hours straight
~ Molly getting two teeth the day I was sick (the teething pains are still bothering her -- I actually gave her Tylenol -- GASP!!
~ Me spending three hours in the emergency room finding out that I did not fracture my foot a second time but that my bones are frail
~ Me suffering at least two mental breakdowns (Nina, Sarah, Deb, and Mom...I feel much better now!)
~ Molly getting 'Roseola' -- fevers along with fussiness and extreme neediness followed by rash that spreads all over her bodyCheck Spelling
~ Driving four hours to see Daddy, Aunty, and Uncle -- four hours with a babe takes 7.5
~ Molly vomiting four times in six hours on Saturday
~ And to top it off, today I saw the doctor and he told me to eat sardines. Sardines!? Yuck! But, they're an excellent source of calcium so I'll eat those little suckers I will. I'll plug my nose and chase them down with a big glass of milk. I go for a bone density test this week. The Doc and I both agree that the bone density problems are probably just in the foot that was in a cast for four weeks. Cross your fingers everybody!

Yeah it was the week from h*** (I'm 'HolisticMamma' so I can't curse)

You know what would really make my week better? If people left comments after they read my blog.


  1. I am reading this as I eat my sardine salad - mmm yummy :)

  2. What a cool blog...I'm d.j.milly's friend and it's so cool to read about what the adventures of parenting have been like (seeing how I don't have any kids myself).

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  4. Molly's DaddyDecember 02, 2008

    I can back her up on the vomitting....it was like the deleted scenes from the exorcist!! I could not believe how she could vomit like a fire hydrant one minute and literally seconds later she was laughing and playing and pulling my beard. Kids are amazing. I am a much bigger baby when I am sick than she is!! Good work baby girl!