Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Has Anybody Seen My Feet!?

MISSING: picture of baby's feet that were at the top of my blog page -- the picture was in black and white... If anybody knows where they went or how I could get them back please let me know!!!!!

Where are MY FEET!?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

You Know You're Raising Your Kid In the City When...

So the other day she came home from being with Daddy all day and went straight to having a nap -- a marathon nap. After two and a half hours, she finally woke up. I always take her outside in the afternoon after she wakes up but this time it was getting dark. I suited us both up as fast as I could and we high-tailed it to the park down the street. When we got there it was still light enough but there were these two dudes standing outside a white pervy van smoking something.

Now, anyone who grew up where I grew up wouldn't normally be bothered by this. You'd just think, "oh there's two dudes smoking something in the park" and then you'd proceed to plunk your child on the swing next to them and ask them how their day was going. But, here in the city it's different. You try that here and you'd probably end up on the 5 o'clock news -- I might be stereotyping a little and I'm OK with that... So, we strolled right on past.

I wanted her to be able to run around but the other park I knew of was too far and it was getting darker. So, we just strolled and strolled until we hit... Blockbuster Video!! Perfect! There was plenty of room for her to roam around, people to see, things to look at and I could just pretend I was looking for a movie! They don't need to know that I don't even own a TV...

I took her inside and we went to the back of the store to "look at movies". A nice young man came to ask if I was finding everything OK. I answered back, "I sure am!" Hehe :) Unfortunately, she wasn't in the mood for roaming around in Blockbuster. When we were in Edmonton with Uncle Garnet and Aunty Heather she loved it but with it being teething week, she wasn't in the mood. In fact, she got pretty freaked out with all the noise and the bright lights. So, we went outside. She climbed up and down the steps a couple of times and then we walked around the building. She stopped at all the doors to the businesses and made the people inside laugh and say, "oh look at the cute baby!" I couldn't hear them but I could read their lips. Then, we went to Starbucks where she pushed an empty chair over to the other side of the sidewalk. She finally decided she had enough; I put her back in the stroller and returned home.

All in all it was a nice outing :) It's nice to know that we always have somewhere for her to go and run around, even when it's dark and there's sketchy people smoking funny stuff in our park.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh No I Didn't!!

One of her newest words is, "HOT". Although, she leaves off the 'h' so it's "ot". I had been using the word around her for sometime and then one day when the oven was on, she went up to it, put her hand out and said, "ot". I love hearing new words come out of her mouth; she sounds so cute and it's always so exciting! Anyways, of course we got her to say it again and again.

She has begun to associate the word 'hot' with pretty much anything dangerous. She'll go up to electrical outlets, light bulbs, the toilet, hold out her hand and say, 'ot'. My favorite was the other day when I took her outside to play.

She was toddling up and down the sidewalk and decided to go check out the curb. I immediately told her, "not safe, too far" and took her little hand and led her back to the sidewalk. She went there a couple more times and I told her again, "not safe, too far". About the forth time (I'm very patient!), I stood back and watched to see what she would do. She toddled all the way up to the curb, held her hand out to the road, and said, "ot". Then, she turned around and came back! What a little smarty pants!

Yesterday, she was with her dad all day. I was all alone so I thought it would be nice to go enjoy my freedom at the mall. Well, actually I had to exchange a shirt, the whole mall experience really irritated me actually. On my way out, I thought it would be nice to grab a drink from the coffee shop. I ordered a caramel steamer and when I went to take my first sip, I nearly burnt my mouth. Worse than that, the word "ot" came flying out of my mouth -- out of nowhere! It just happened and not once, but twice, "ot, ot!" (For some reason, when you're talking to a baby, you say everything twice -- parents, have you ever noticed that!?)... Whatever.

Spell check doesn't believe that 'ot' is a word...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

How To Get Through A Day With A Teething Toddler

Up until this point she has had only four teeth... She's 16 months old (almost) and I think most toddlers this age have a full set of teeth by now. Well, this past week I've noticed two eye teeth and two molars pop up. The poor thing is in such discomfort and me? Well, I'M GOING INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that we've settled into our new permanent home, we've finally managed to get a routine down. I pretty much run our days like a daycare complete with a sensory table, storytime, music and movement, and more! But, now that she's teething we've been leaving the home a lot because if we're home she just tugs on my pantlegs going "uh uh uh uh uh waaaahhhhhhhhhhh". If we don't leave home within a couple of hours after waking up I get really, really, cranky (I could use a better word but I've decided not to use cuss words on my blog). So, a typical day looks something like this:

~ Wake up and I set up some toys -- a cookie sheet w/ water or rice in it, dolls, trucks, scarves, paint in a ziplock bag (no-mess painting!), turn her toy basket into a tunnel -- and then I make breakfast. I cook the same thing everyday so I never have to wonder what to make: porridge with a whole apple chopped up with cream and cinnamon... Let it simmer until it's nice and creamy, mmm mmm good.

~ Eat. We don't have her high chair at the moment so she sits at her little table and I sit at the big one. When I'm done, I go help her. Depending on how hungry she is, she'll either be doing a fabulous job eating on her own or else she'll have dumped the bowl and is shovelling it across the table with her spoon -- and that's OK with me :) I put it back in the bowl and help her finish.

~ Change diaper, let her air dry, she pees on the floor, I towel it up and diaper goes back on.

~ Get dressed, pack diaper bag, she sees me put my boots on and brings me hers. She gets mad when I try to help her so I let her do it all by herself (but not really, I'm tricky that way) and we go to play outside in our new yard!

~ She starts to fuss, I plunk her in the carseat and we go find a play group -- we don't, under any circumstance, come home until naptime :)

~ She sleeps, I work on getting a job (kind of important!?)

~ She wakes up and we look at books and then play the piano.

~ Oh look Daddy's coming to get her soon, FREEPLAY - table toys (like puzzles and stacking things), bring out the wooden playhouse and hide a different object in each room, I let her add water to her little pot which she takes to her play kitchen to cook with (or should I say dump out onto the floor -- once again, OK with me). I pack the diaper bag.

~ Daddy arrives, FREEDOM!! OR... if Daddy's not coming cuz he's at work, back OUTSIDE we go! Once she starts to fuss I put her in my Ergo and we walk up town.

~ Bath

~ Diaper, PJ's, comb that hair, brush those teeth

~ Storytime, bedtime.

~ I sweep, mop (remember the pee?), tidy, and then FREEDOM!! Ahh, I've made it through another day :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I've wanted to be a mommy since I could push my Carebear in the stroller when I was, oh I dunno, three or so. I knew for a fact that I was going to be the greatest mom on the planet; better than any other mom I knew. Motherhood was going to be so much fun; I could give my baby baths, nurture it whenever it cried and then cuddle it until it felt better, feed it lots and lots of baby food -- the kind in the jars, put it to bed in a crib when it was time to sleep (and of course it would sleep), and of course... Diaper changes. Oh how I loved diaper changes -- when I was three and performing them on a Cabbage Patch Kid.

I went through life -- school, jobs, travel, partied -- and finally, FINALLY, had a baby. My dream has become a reality and now have my own little baby to call my own. My own baby to squish and to squeeze and to love and to hug all over.

Well let me tell you....

A Carebear weighs about a pound and a half, my baby? She came out a whopping 7lbs1oz. I measured her on my friend's Wii Fit the other night, she's just over 22lbs now. Baths? I was so happy when I didn't have to support her in the tub anymore because now I can just sit my butt on the toilet seat and read a book while she splashes around in the tub. I turn the tap on every once in a while just for her to fill her cup up and dump it out 500 times; this buys myself some more time. As for the crying? No one tells you how interconnected a mother is with her baby. Whenever a baby cries it's mother gets this tight, anxious, sometimes nauseous feeling inside. Baby food? Eww, yuck. Do you know the nasty stuff food companies do to their products? I would never subject my baby that shite. She enjoys organic, grown in the ground, homemade, mom's cookin'. She probably eats better than a queen and for that I'm quite proud :) But, it's sure a lot more effort than taking a lid off a package and saying, "here you go". And bedtime... Well, we sold the crib when she was about 8 months old because it was just turning into unfolded laundry storage. She has slept in our bed since she was three weeks old. Up until that point we were completely against co-sleeping because, after all, we would roll onto her, smother her, she would fall off the bed, or some other tragedy might occur. But, out of desperation for sleep, we put her in our bed, got a good night's sleep, and then realized how foolish we had been. She's been in our bed ever since. And then there's diaper changes... Let's just say, I will be a better mother when diapers are over.

She's going to start nurturing her dolls and wishing that they were real babies soon. Do I tell her the truth? Or do I let her live in her fantasy world for twenty-odd years and let her get blind-sided, as I did, when reality strikes?

Well, I'm going to sleep now. I'm going to go lay down, close my eyes and dream that I'm three again. I'll pretend that Stinker weighs a pound and that diaper changes are fun; that baby food isn't genetically modified and that I am a good nurturing mom when she cries and, of course, that I'm not sleeping next to a little munchkin.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Home Sweet Home -- Finally!

December 31, 2008 marked the last day of our transient life and on January 1 we moved into our cozy little basement suite where we are here to stay! We had been spending the last couple of weeks at Aunty Amber and Uncle Andy's house and let me tell you we are missing their cooking very much. But, now I have my very own kitchen, with my very own stove and can cook my very own meals!

It's been about a week and a half and Molly seems to really like the new place. I love it because it has everything on my list of criteria:

~open floor plan
~no stupid stairs
~a fenced yard
~a park nearby
~lots of storage
~a bathroom that's big enough to where I can stretch my arms out and spin without hitting the walls

As a bonus, the family upstairs has two children aged four and two AND the mother is a stay-at-home-mom. I'm sure we'll get to know each other quite well. They even have a dog, which means that maybe I can get a dog ;)

Molly can follow simple directions now such as, "take daddy the toilet paper". Normally she loves to rip apart the rolls of toilet paper, but this time, she took it in her little hand, toddled through the kitchen, down the hall, into the bathroom and passed it to him! We were the proudest parents that day.

She finally has become interested in books. She'll spend minutes, like 10 of them, turning all the pages in my magazines and novels. She'll go through her 'touch and feel' books feeling all the textures and playing with all the flaps. She even goes so far as to bring the book right to me so we can look at together. I've been trying to get storytime to be part of our nighttime routine for ages, so yay!

I've decided that I don't like Molly anymore (the name, not the kid). Now I'll refer to her as 'Stinker', 'Little One', 'Butthead' or whatever other nickname I'm using that day.

I still don't have pictures to post. It'll be sometime before I manage to get a computer, a digital camera cord, and a digital camera all in the same room at the same time. Instead, I've added some beautiful toddler art for your enjoyment. We will post samples of Stinker's art just as soon as she stops eating the crayons :)