Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Home Sweet Home -- Finally!

December 31, 2008 marked the last day of our transient life and on January 1 we moved into our cozy little basement suite where we are here to stay! We had been spending the last couple of weeks at Aunty Amber and Uncle Andy's house and let me tell you we are missing their cooking very much. But, now I have my very own kitchen, with my very own stove and can cook my very own meals!

It's been about a week and a half and Molly seems to really like the new place. I love it because it has everything on my list of criteria:

~open floor plan
~no stupid stairs
~a fenced yard
~a park nearby
~lots of storage
~a bathroom that's big enough to where I can stretch my arms out and spin without hitting the walls

As a bonus, the family upstairs has two children aged four and two AND the mother is a stay-at-home-mom. I'm sure we'll get to know each other quite well. They even have a dog, which means that maybe I can get a dog ;)

Molly can follow simple directions now such as, "take daddy the toilet paper". Normally she loves to rip apart the rolls of toilet paper, but this time, she took it in her little hand, toddled through the kitchen, down the hall, into the bathroom and passed it to him! We were the proudest parents that day.

She finally has become interested in books. She'll spend minutes, like 10 of them, turning all the pages in my magazines and novels. She'll go through her 'touch and feel' books feeling all the textures and playing with all the flaps. She even goes so far as to bring the book right to me so we can look at together. I've been trying to get storytime to be part of our nighttime routine for ages, so yay!

I've decided that I don't like Molly anymore (the name, not the kid). Now I'll refer to her as 'Stinker', 'Little One', 'Butthead' or whatever other nickname I'm using that day.

I still don't have pictures to post. It'll be sometime before I manage to get a computer, a digital camera cord, and a digital camera all in the same room at the same time. Instead, I've added some beautiful toddler art for your enjoyment. We will post samples of Stinker's art just as soon as she stops eating the crayons :)


  1. But that's my name! :P

    In our house, the main living area is upstairs, and we have a gate at the top of the stairs. Our boy can climb up the stairs when entering the house. He can also reach through the railings and throw stuff down the stairs. Fun.

  2. I get it... the 'mol' ... That is your name! I do like the name Molly. In fact, it was my first choice for girl names but dad came up with the name that we ended up giving her. Good one dad.

    Too many people get confused thinking they're at the wrong blogsite when they read the name Molly. This way, when they read 'Little One' or 'Boogernugget' they will know they've come to the right place!

    The last place we were staying (Aunty Shelby's) had a very similar layout to yours. Our stairs were also filled with random toys which she threw through the railings :)