Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer is here! We've been to the beach three days in a row now! I spent $20 on sunscreen for her - Ombrelle Kids is what is widely recommended in this neck of the woods. Her Aunty bought her the cutest little red polka dot bikini.

It was fun to watch her experience sand for the first time. On Saturday, our first day at the beach, she would take it and try to shove it in her mouth (of course). When she crawled over it she wouldn't let her knees touch the ground - just like the first time she crawled over grass! We figured our challenge all summer long would be keeping the sand out of her mouth! But yesterday, her second day at the beach, we noticed the sand wasn't going into her mouth so much. Instead, she would dig her little hands into the sand and scrunch them up over and over again (like she was squishing one of those stress balls!). At one point, she would take a handful of sand, and dump it on my chest. She did this over and over again. Today the sand was old news and she would crawl away, off the blanket in search of whatever adventures would come her way - twigs and leaves and cigarette butts (yeah, almost got one in her mouth - gross). She even went to visit the people on the blanket next to us.
Tomorrow is day four. Who knows, maybe she will be building sand castles by the end of the week!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baby Massage

I took my nine month old to baby massage today! A baby store here in town offered massage lessons for parents. So, I put her in her fluffy pink robe, hopped in the car and when we walked in the door announced, "we're here for our massage!"
The massage was a lot of fun. I enjoyed getting out and trying something new. There was one other baby being massaged at the same time. The massage therapist had us slather coconut oil all over our hands and then, starting with the legs, went through teaching us the proper techniques.
I can't tell if she liked it or not! With her being a crawler and with so many neat distractions in the store, massaging her was pretty challenging! The other baby was not yet mobile and I was a little envious of her parents!
The massage therapist explained that while adults get very relaxed and sleepy during a massage, babies tend to get quite fussy before they 'crash'. I though that was quite interesting and good to know for when I try to massage her at home! She recommends massaging your baby once a day so I'm going to add it to her bedtime routine. We'll see how it goes!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We came up with a new game today. It's called "Charge!" We are staying at her Aunty and Uncle's house this week. New places always excite her and yesterday, when she was crawling around the floor checking things out, she got a burst of energy. She looked at me, let out a holler and then crawled as fast as she could across the room. It looked like she was a charging bull! It was too cute.
Then today, as she was crawling around, I wanted to see if I could get her to charge again. So, I got down onto all fours, on the opposite side of the room, and hollered, "CHARGE!" I crawled as fast as I could toward her. She thought it was so funny. I did it again and she laughed her little toosh off. I kept doing it over and over. She laughed so hard she snorted! Haha, I love not being at home because then I have so much time to spend with her and make up dorky little games together.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm A Frazzled Mom!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh there's so much to do!!!!!!! I'm moving tomorrow and thought I'd be ready to go by now! Although, I am to the point where I just need to put everything into the truck - after I take the winter tires out... I have to go say goodbye to the neighbours - clean up the dogcrap at the bottom of the stairs (one of the dogs had a diarrhea attack in the middle of the night and honestly, it's not at the top of my priority list). I'm in the process of finding a temporary home for the doggies so I have to make a phone call or two. I'm playing nurse to my hubby who just had double knee surgery. One nice thing about that though, is that he's laid up on a queen size mattress in the middle of the living room floor so, baby just crawls around him until she needs me and I am able to get a whole lot done.
Today, I really understand what it's like to be a mom!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Cling-on Baby

Separation anxiety is here! Yikes! I'm very well aware of separation anxiety; I've learned a ton about it in school as well as talked to many parents on this phenomenon but, wow! They really do cry - no, wail - almost every time you leave the room, go around the corner or even duck behind furniture. It's tough!

I warned my husband that this would happen around nine months of age. He understands why it happens but still feels bad, and often takes it personally, when he can't calm our baby himself. It sometimes makes him feel as though he hasn't bonded with our baby. The other day I had to bust out one of my child development textbooks to remind him why no one but myself can calm her down. We read that this is a really scary time for babies as they're just realizing that they are separate from their mothers (or other main caregiver). They don't understand that the mother will come back; they're scared that they're never going to see them again. It's a very healthy and normal step towards the development of their independance. Since I had him read about separation anxiety, he has started to bring her right to me the moment she starts to get anxious. On the flip side, once she is relaxed and playful, I'll bring her right back to him so they can have their father daughter time :) This system has been working very well for us.

With other people however, I've become quite protective of my baby while she's going through this critical stage. Normally I'm shy and non-confrontational but, I've really learned to suck it up and stand up for her. Before I let anyone hold her, I will let them know that she's experiencing separation anxiety and if she cries I'm going to take her back. Then if she does wail, I shamelessly yank her right back. Most people are OK with this but I've gotten a couple, "oh mom, go sit down, she'll be fine." In that case I just continue with the yank maneuver and say, "I'm going to take her, I'll bring her back when she's calmed down." Many want to calm her themselves but let's face it, they can't. Nor do I want them to. Especially for this, the reason behind the cry is just too important.

Friday, June 6, 2008

My New Addiction

So, I’m in the local thrift store looking for housewares for our home renovation project when I come across an Evenflo Snuggli babycarrier. It’s in fabulous condition but with no price tag. I took the carrier off the shelf, brought it up to the counter and asked the cashier for a price. She looked it over, thought a moment and then said, “how about one dollar?” I nearly fell over. Keeping my cool I said, “one dollar sounds good”. I handed her a loonie, tucked the carrier under my arm and got out of there as fast as I could before she could realize she just let me rob her. That was yesterday.
Today, I’m in my favorite store of all time – Value Village. I’m scanning through different fabrics and what do I stumble across, mixed in with my future kitchen curtains? A ‘Baby Wear’ sling looking brand new and wanting so badly to go home with me. How much? Three dollars and ninety-nine cents. At this point I’m starting to think someone’s playing a prank on me. I mean really, two slings in two days for five dollars? I raise my head just enough to scan the room and see if anyone’s spying on me. The coast is clear. So, once again, I tuck the sling under my arm, walk nonchalantly up to the check-out, and place it nervously on the counter. What does the cashier tell me? “If you buy four items you get the fifth one free”. I counted my items – four. I’m starting to sweat a little. I’m thinking, “my God, just let me get out of here!” But instead I said, “ok, I’ll be right back.” I beelined for the the purse I had been drooling over earlier, snatched it off the rack and walked briskly back to the till. I purchased my four items, received the fifth free and got the heck out of there. I peeled out of the parking lot, onto the highway and never looked back.
Now, I’m at home and admiring my two new slings. Between them I payed four dollars and ninety-nine cents. I now have a new addiction – thrift shopping for baby carriers. Soon, I will have a sling for every day of the week and so far, no one has called the cops on me.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Me Vs. Baby - The Diaper Change Battle

Oh my goodness she has become so squirmy; diaper changes have become nearly impossible! There is just so much going on around her that distracts her from the task at hand that our once intimate diaper changes have since become battles!
There was a time when I'd lay her down for a change, we'd make eye contact and she'd smile back at me. I'd go through all her favorite songs and before you knew it, she was dry, happy, and ready to go.
These days however, it is a different story. I lay her down and she'll often let out a wail; she doesn't enjoy being on her back. So, I pick her up bounce her up and down until she laughs and then try again. It usually takes three tries before I can lay her down and have her be OK with it. If she is OK with being layed down, she'll immediately flip onto her side reaching for anything she can get ahold of and, as a result, stretching her little body to the point that she's turned herself into the letter 'C'.
I turn her onto her back and the battle is on! She flips, I bring her back; she crawls away, I grab and pull; I sing to her, clap my hands, shake a toy above her - anything to get her attention. But, she's focussed and no diaper change is going to slow her down!
Yes my little squirmy wormy. I really miss our once peaceful diaper changes. But, I know that one day, yes one day, we will have those moments once again. Sigh...