Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer is here! We've been to the beach three days in a row now! I spent $20 on sunscreen for her - Ombrelle Kids is what is widely recommended in this neck of the woods. Her Aunty bought her the cutest little red polka dot bikini.

It was fun to watch her experience sand for the first time. On Saturday, our first day at the beach, she would take it and try to shove it in her mouth (of course). When she crawled over it she wouldn't let her knees touch the ground - just like the first time she crawled over grass! We figured our challenge all summer long would be keeping the sand out of her mouth! But yesterday, her second day at the beach, we noticed the sand wasn't going into her mouth so much. Instead, she would dig her little hands into the sand and scrunch them up over and over again (like she was squishing one of those stress balls!). At one point, she would take a handful of sand, and dump it on my chest. She did this over and over again. Today the sand was old news and she would crawl away, off the blanket in search of whatever adventures would come her way - twigs and leaves and cigarette butts (yeah, almost got one in her mouth - gross). She even went to visit the people on the blanket next to us.
Tomorrow is day four. Who knows, maybe she will be building sand castles by the end of the week!

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