Friday, November 28, 2008

Musical Lids

Do you remember how fun it was to get into things when you were a little kid? I used to dig through everything. My favorite was the junk drawer in the kitchen. It was full of loose screws, rolls of tape, string, batteries, and loads of other random trinkets. I can still remember the smell -- it stunk.

Lately, Molly's been getting into everything and it's been so fun watching her. I especially love the new homes she gives these things she's found. Yesterday I found her sippy cup placed neatly on the ledge by the fireplace. She crawled all the way across the huge living room just to put it there. Today, I watched her put a dishcloth into an empty egg carton and close the lid.

At Grammy's house, there are some breakable dishes that she brought back from Mexico. We usually put them up when little Molly's over because we can just imagine the carnage she would create with them. This morning I didn't put them up and sure enough she went for them -- she was so gentle with them! She would place them oh so carefully on the floor and then back onto the shelf. She removed the lids and stacked one on top of the other. Being an adult with the short attention span that I have (we think children have short attention spans) I went to cut some paper snowflakes. Later, I went to check on her and I had a good chuckle because this is what I found:
One lid flipped upside

Another lid inside...

And the lid to the teapot?
It's on the chair.
How impressed I was to find, after another paper snowflake cutting session, that she had placed the large bowl of sugar on the floor without spilling any...

And the lid? There it

Uh oh...

Now it's going to go on the floor.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How To Go Clothes Shopping With A Toddler

Molly and I just got back from shopping. I am in desperate need of clothes. So desperate, in fact, that I brought my toddler with me. We went to this funky consignment store (anyone who knows me knows I love consignment stores).

Anyways, it started off well with her sitting in the stroller and playing with the sleeves of all the sweaters. There were two other women in the store who thought she was just the cutest. They were ooh-ing and aw-ing over her while I flipped through all the jackets and half the sweaters in record time. Then, she let me know that she was done being in the stroller by letting out a good fuss. I took her out and she went and played on a little stool but when she went to grab all the shiny new shoes off the ledge, I scooped her up and we hit the change room.

In the change room...

I thought she would have a great time in there. There was a mirror, oodles of floor space, and a heat register with a fun nob to play with. But no, she had other things on her mind. She waited until I was completely shirtless and then high-tailed it outta there. Under the curtain and out into the store, all I saw was the trail of smoke she left behind. I managed to quickly throw on a shirt and redirected her back into the change room.

She likes it when I cover her head with fabric so I threw a shirt over her head and pretended to be playful. She wasn't into that. I then handed her some hangers to play with, fun right? Not today. She had one thing on her mind and that was leaving the change room. I felt like a basketball player shuffling back and forth trying to keep her from whizzing past me. I tried on the rest of the shirts as fast as possible and went to pay because at this point she was having a cow. There was another woman in the store with her two children. She had done this before; she brought books for them. But, they were losing it too at this point so she was cutting her shopping trip short as well. She beat me to the till. Her children were a few years older; she was obviously the more experienced mom.

Getting her back into her jacket and mitts was an experience I won't even get into. My baby doesn't normally tantrum because I usually have her in my fancy-dancy Ergobaby baby carrier but, today was a stroller day. I made her go into the stroller because I am a mean Mommy and then we left the store. Now we're at home playing outside. Well, she's playing; I'm workin' on my laptop. What did Mommy's do before wireless internet?

You know, if I was able to change that fast in highschool maybe I wouldn't have been late for school so much.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh Poo

She woke up the other morning and started to make this hearty laugh. It came all the way from the bottom of her diaphragm; she sounded a lot like an Inuit throat singer. She's been laughing like that ever since. She'll just sit there, in her highchair, on the floor with her toys, while she's digging through the kitchen cupboards and laugh like that. It's pretty funny and definitely not a noise I've ever heard come out of a baby.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Eww, I think I forgot to tell you all about the poo incident. I gave her a bath last week and afterwards put her in her fluffy pink bathrobe (the one she got from our friend Brandi -- thank you Brandi!). Then I put her on the bedroom floor to play ie: push all the buttons on the stereo, pull all my purses out of the drawer, empty the clean diaper basket onto the floor. I went to go and clean up the bathroom and I wasn't even gone for two minutes when I came back and noticed something underneath her -- she pooed on the floor! You know, when they poo in a diaper you don't really know if they're excreting healthy logs or if it really is just a bunch of mush. So, I was actually quite impressed, almost relieved, to see a nicely formed log sitting there on my carpet. Anyways, I was about to say, "eww baby you pooed on the floor!" But, then I noticed she was holding something high up in the air and singing in her beautiful high-pitched baby voice -- what she normally does when she's discovered something really exciting to play with. Yeah, she was holding her own poo; she was holding it up like she won a prize -- she looked so proud. I was still sick at the time so it really wasn't that funny. But, it cleaned up easily and she didn't eat it that time... And really, one poo accident in 14 months isn't that bad.

(Imagine the gross pictures I had

to look at when trying to find this

on a Google image search!)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

H*** Week Is Almost Over!

This week consisted of:

~ Me being out-both-ends-sick and not getting out of bed for 36 hours straight
~ Molly getting two teeth the day I was sick (the teething pains are still bothering her -- I actually gave her Tylenol -- GASP!!
~ Me spending three hours in the emergency room finding out that I did not fracture my foot a second time but that my bones are frail
~ Me suffering at least two mental breakdowns (Nina, Sarah, Deb, and Mom...I feel much better now!)
~ Molly getting 'Roseola' -- fevers along with fussiness and extreme neediness followed by rash that spreads all over her bodyCheck Spelling
~ Driving four hours to see Daddy, Aunty, and Uncle -- four hours with a babe takes 7.5
~ Molly vomiting four times in six hours on Saturday
~ And to top it off, today I saw the doctor and he told me to eat sardines. Sardines!? Yuck! But, they're an excellent source of calcium so I'll eat those little suckers I will. I'll plug my nose and chase them down with a big glass of milk. I go for a bone density test this week. The Doc and I both agree that the bone density problems are probably just in the foot that was in a cast for four weeks. Cross your fingers everybody!

Yeah it was the week from h*** (I'm 'HolisticMamma' so I can't curse)

You know what would really make my week better? If people left comments after they read my blog.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm Frail :)

There's no fracture but I do have the bones of an old lady... I was told to go see my doc ASAP because I have low bone density and there's not that much calcium in my bones. Hmm, that's kinda bad. OK, that's a lot bad...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Again...

So yesterday at the pool Molly goes to me, "Mommy do something stupid so we can go visit those nice nurses at the emergency room again?" So I said, "sure baby, watch this" as I dove off the wall and into the water...

It's only been a couple of months since I got the cast off from when I broke my foot this summer. I haven't been able to go to physio for the past month and my foot is very stiff. I was planning on heading to Vancouver by January and when I finally got a job I would resume my physio there. Well, I guess my stiff foot couldn't handle the force of pushing off the wall and my poor little foot joints buckled under the pressure. I haven't been able to walk on it since. This morning I'm going for an Xray.

"Yay!" Says Molly, "we get to go visit the emergency room!"

Sunday, November 9, 2008

This Weekend Was A Write-off

Phew! Thank goodness that weekend's over with! Well, almost. It's been nothing but sickness and teething pains, ugh! I called Grammy nearly in tears Saturday morning, "I barfed three times last night and don't have the energy to change her sh***y diaper!" Yes, I was out-both-ends-sick and our dear little Molly has finally cut her third tooth! I think most toddlers (I can't believe she's a toddler!) have a whole mouthful by now but not her! She got her first two at about eight months old and hasn't got another until now -- she's 13.5 months old.
Grammy (my mom for those of you who don't know) spent pretty much all her waking hours this weekend, here, being my rent-a-mom. She fed me and did my laundry and bought me toothpaste too. I, on the other hand, actually spent a full 24 hours in bed. No, I think it was more like 36. I went upstairs last night to have tea with my mom and got so dizzy I barely made it to the couch.
Tonight (Sunday night) Molly's been fevering (is that a word?) and waking up constantly. I've taken her outside, stood at the fridge door with her, worn her in my sling, sang lots of lullabies and crammed as much internet time in as possible. I'm going to go to sleep now; although, I don't expect I'll get much!

Oh, and we're starting swimming lessons next week (thanks again to Grammy!). They start tomorrow but I have a feeling we won't be making it.

You wanna know how I know I'm a mom? Because I just wrote a whole blog entry on teething pains and fevers. Oh my...

Here's what Grammy looked like flying in my door Saturday morning:

Friday, November 7, 2008

Just A Boring Update Today!

We spent the last week in Vancouver. I broke the seven hour drive into two days this time -- very smart idea. We visited everyone we knew along the way and she managed to sleep every leg of the trip! We stayed with family who lived halfway and saw one of her Great Grandma's while we were there. We saw her dad's cousin who, up until this point, we were just email pals :) It was great to finally meet her! On the way back we stopped by her house again. Then, we visited her parents who I had only met once but will definitely be back! And, they happen to be organic farmers so loaded me up with all types of squash, sweet potatoes, eggs, tomatoes, garlic, onions, beets -- the biggest beet I have ever seen -- carrots, grapes (that taste like grape juice), plums, and a huge bag of apples. Holy cow I was so spoiled! We also saw another cousin who has a three year old. We got a cute picture of the two little cousins sitting in a big, big chair together.

I also made sure to keep her as close to her schedule as possible. Big difference :) The last time we spent a week in Vancouver, I let naps and bedtimes go and boy did I ever pay for it later. Not only that but, on the way home when she'd normally be sleeping in her carseat, she was wide awake and mad. Then, when we finally did get home, she took about a week to recover and got a cold. This time though, she slept her little butt off in the car and has since been her happy, fun self... Except for that tooth that I think is coming in. She's had the same two teeth since she was 8.5 months old. She's 13.5 months old now and finally about to get a third!?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Baby's First Steps!

Guess who's walking now!!!!!!??????????????????????? You bet she is! Yesterday morning Aunty Amber was playing with her and started squealing, "SHE'S WALKING! SHE'S WALKING! SHE'S WALKING!!!" We all ran to gather around and watch her take... 4 steps! They were more like shuffles but, fast forward to today at Great Granny Mac's house and she almost made it across her whole living room! She doesn't even realize that she can walk yet, but once she does... Well, I could always just put her on a leash!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had Halloween in the city yesterday! No one seems to trick-or-treat here. Although we're in a very busy neighbourhood, we didn't get a single trick-or-treater. We learned from a friend that the mall was shutting down the stores for an hour and opening only to trick-or-treaters. So, between the hours of 4 and 5 o'clock, the whole kid population of Burnaby, and their families, crammed into the mall and went nuts.

It was quite an experience. Although, they should have a rule: 'no manners -- no candy'. Kids were shoving and running they didn't even say, "TRICK-OR-TREAT!" or "thank you". They just ran from one store to the next holding their bag wide open expecting candy. This one little guy we saw, apparently didn't like his candy so he put it back in the bucket and dug around for another one! I commented under my breath, "I'd slap his hand." Apparently it wasn't under my breath after all because the woman ahead of me turned right around to look at me. I thought it was his mother but then she laughed and said, "don't worry I was thinking it too!"

Then, we were standing in line to get our treat when this self-centred little 10 year old barged right in front of us. So, when the next little shit came along, Grant gave him and elbow and a "beat it; we're next." Needless to say, he waited his turn. You know, we're not usually mean to children. In fact, we love children. But, when their parents aren't keeping them in line then we feel the need to step up to the plate...

Anyways, it was a fun time. She looked oh so cute in her pumpkin costume. There were a lot of baby pumpkins out last night. What baby doesn't look darn cute as a pumpkin!? Here she is with a pumpkin wedgie...