Sunday, November 9, 2008

This Weekend Was A Write-off

Phew! Thank goodness that weekend's over with! Well, almost. It's been nothing but sickness and teething pains, ugh! I called Grammy nearly in tears Saturday morning, "I barfed three times last night and don't have the energy to change her sh***y diaper!" Yes, I was out-both-ends-sick and our dear little Molly has finally cut her third tooth! I think most toddlers (I can't believe she's a toddler!) have a whole mouthful by now but not her! She got her first two at about eight months old and hasn't got another until now -- she's 13.5 months old.
Grammy (my mom for those of you who don't know) spent pretty much all her waking hours this weekend, here, being my rent-a-mom. She fed me and did my laundry and bought me toothpaste too. I, on the other hand, actually spent a full 24 hours in bed. No, I think it was more like 36. I went upstairs last night to have tea with my mom and got so dizzy I barely made it to the couch.
Tonight (Sunday night) Molly's been fevering (is that a word?) and waking up constantly. I've taken her outside, stood at the fridge door with her, worn her in my sling, sang lots of lullabies and crammed as much internet time in as possible. I'm going to go to sleep now; although, I don't expect I'll get much!

Oh, and we're starting swimming lessons next week (thanks again to Grammy!). They start tomorrow but I have a feeling we won't be making it.

You wanna know how I know I'm a mom? Because I just wrote a whole blog entry on teething pains and fevers. Oh my...

Here's what Grammy looked like flying in my door Saturday morning:

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