Monday, March 30, 2009

She Taught Herself To Pee On the TOILET!!

Oh my goodness, you are all so have a Guest Blogger!!!

Aunty Shelby is on the scene tonight, having put Lindy in charge of sorting out my beads that got all mixed up...about a fifty hour job she'll do great.

It's been a couple of months since I've seen my niece and I was blown away by how smart she is for such a wee little person!

She knows how to unlock the tiny twisty locky piece on a doorknob when the doorknob is locked, she knows how to sign for 'more' when she wants more food, and now she's taught herself how to go pee on her little toilet!!!

After her bath tonight she was bolting around here in her birthday suit, doing laps around the kitchen table, hiding and giggling, then suddenly disappeared. My sister noticed she'd gone into the bathroom and was checking out her little toilet...then sitting on it...something totally new.

My sister brought it out into the middle of the livingroom to give Aunty Shelby a show and tell of her new skill. She would sit down, giggle, we'd cheer her on, then she'd bounce off do a lap and sit down again. She dragged it all over the livingroom, turned it around, looked at it...then sat down again. She did this a few times. My sister had a bright idea of actually checking to see if anything had been produced out of all this, and low and behold...there was pee in the toilet!

We both were as excited as five year olds on Christmas, cheering for that smart little nugget...we gave her a high five each then signed for 'more'....which she did...just not over the toilet;)

Maybe I'm a little biased but I've got the smartest little niece in the world!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Holistic Mommy's Ridiculous Toy Review #1 ~ Infant/Toddler Dance Tower

That's it I've had it. Just when I thought toys couldn't get any more ridiculous I come across this:

It is... a dance tower. Yes, a tower... for dancing. For your toddler...
It has three stages so your infant, all the way to toddler can enjoy it. It has piano keys that light up and a bear that sings. It has a microphone for baby to sing along and "keeps baby occupied" with "fun learning activities" !! Look closely, it even has places for them to put their feet. Look even more closely... Do you see it? The dancing? Neither do I.


On the flip side, here are some great time-tested - and inexpensive - props to add to your toddler's daily dance session:


and bubbles!

Baby Loves To Dance

I know she loves music. What baby doesn't? We listen to music every single day; she gets such a big smile when I turn the music on. I didn't realize, though, how much she loves to dance.

We have a little boy starting childcare on Monday; he's been coming everyday this week for a couple of hours to get familiar. I've noticed a lot of differences in her just by having another child around. One of them is her love of dancing! She dances all the time but, today I put on Raffi and she just kept moving almost the full length of the cd. She would go play with toys and then out of nowhere would break into the classic toddler squat-bounce move. She would walk in circles and spin around and come back again. Her spins were as graceful as her heavy toddler head and disproportionate body would allow. She even added some music of her own by picking up the shakers and shaking away to the music. Toddler dancing is a real special thing. It was beautiful * tear

I picture her in her 20's, still loving to dance -- on top of the speakers at a club -- just like her mommy. Or ripping it up salsa style like Grammy. Or whatever that weird seizure move is that Aunty Shelby does, hahaha just kidding.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Felt Food

Turns out I don't know how to create a link but here is an example of what felt food looks like;

The Play Kitchen Needs Some Love

I've been racking my brain trying to think of what to put in her play kitchen. I know, I know, dishes and food, duh. But, you see, she's only 17 months old and if I put fake food in there she's not really going to understand what to do with it. I mean really, it won't be pretend food to her just fun toys to spread around the house -- not that there's anything wrong with that. When I do put food in there I'm going to make felt food. I'll be sure to take pictures (maybe I'll have a camera by then!). If any family or friends find themselves bored one day, feel free to whip up some felt food for Little One's play kitchen!

In her kitchen now are just the pots and pans that came with it. She loves her pots and will often go to her kitchen and start tinkering with them while I'm cooking. She'll grab one and bring it to me at the sink and grunt to say that she needs some water in it. It is pretty hard to cook without water isn't it? So, I put a little bit in the bottom and watch as she walks carefully back to her kitchen with it (my favorite part). I'll give her a wooden spoon which she uses to splash the water with. After a few minutes I'll hear a "glug, glug, glug" and will turn around to see her drinking the water. If she's not drinking it by this point it's because she's already dumped it on the floor below her. Sometimes I'll add rice as that's fun and safe for a toddler to cook with.

Her favorite thing to cook so far is pancakes -- real pancakes. I'll get out my smallest pan and put it on her stove. Then, I'll make her three mini pancakes and show her how to flip them. She'll try once or twice and then shove them all in her mouth... Too funny. Other times, I'll give her a measuring cup with batter in it. She'll pour it in the pan and mix it around with the wooden spoon.

So, as you can see, I'm having trouble thinking of something to put in her play kitchen. I think I'm just going to hit the thrift store and find mini versions of everything that my kitchen has -- dishes, cutting boards, etc. I'll fill her cupboards right up! In fact, today, I already some wooden bowls and spoons while I was at the grocery store; that's a start! I'll just keep adding dishes and for the food well, we'll just keep using food!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Keeping Food Additives Out Of My Child

We figured out why she threw up all over me the other night. She is allergic to MSG and I am elated!

You know, there's a lot of crap that I don't want my child to eat. For me to say, "please don't feed that to her" requires a lot of balls -- which I don't always have. A simple request of, "please don't feed that to my child" is usually responded to with;
"oh come on, she can't have treats?"
"what's this going to do to her?"
"you can't protect her from everything"
or my favorite, "you give her all organic carrots now, but then one day she'll eat a non-organic carrot and then Bam! Her body won't be used to it" OK -- a carrot that makes my kid go Bam! shouldn't be consumed by any member of the human population and be immediately reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). NOT that they would do anything about it...
So, I am elated that she is allergic to MSG. Because now I can say, "she can't have that she's allergic to MSG" which will be responded to with an "OK."
For the parents reading this who do have balls, how do you handle these people who insist that your child should eat food that, well, isn't even edible?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're Sick *sniff sniff

We've been sick. She started it. Last week her dad and I took her to the emergency room in the middle of the night. We thought she had croup (is that how you speel it?). It wasn't croup, just a very bad cold. I was enjoying being a nurturing mamma and nursing her back to health all week. We went for stroller rides everyday and I wore her in the Ergo a lot. I was happy because after about three days I still was feeling great and wasn't catching her cold....

Then late one evening we were visiting a friend downtown...

I could feel the cold coming on. My nose was just a little too congested and I was sure it wasn't the pollution. I was feeling just a little too tired. In the morning, sure enough, I woke with a cold. Nurturing mamma was gone.

~ I just have to give a little history here ~

She has been sick, dad has been working a lot of overtime or had other things going on over the past couple of weeks and, as a result, I haven't been getting many breaks. I didn't mop my floor in three days and there was a mountain of scum underneath her highchair by the time I got to it. She projectile vomited the other night -- all over me and all over the bed. I cried like a baby while I blew up the air mattress in the middle of the night (thanks Charlie for leaving the air mattress behind!). Over an hour later we finally got back to sleep... But then she woke two hours later and by 6am I had only slept two hours. She slept in though, so I manged to get in another two hours. By the time I caught her cold, I was already feeling like, well, crap.

Long story short, I haven't been 'Holistic Mommy' at all. No, I've been 'Mean Mommy' -- Mean Mommy Who Snaps At Her Baby and Runs To the Other Side of the Room Hollering Noooooooo When Her Toddler Needs Her.

I always apologize after I'm mean to her and then thank her for being so understanding and tell her she's wonderful. Really though, I will snap at her and she just looks at me as if to say, "it's OK mommy, I know you're not really upset with me but it's OK for you to direct it at me. I don't take it personally, I know you're just having a hard time. Go on, vent away." No really, she really does communicate that... Although, if I don't get over it soon, I'm going to end up doing some permanent psychological damage to her. Today was my first time outside in 48 hours. The childcare licensing officer is coming on Wednesday to check my inspect my home. I need a vacation.

On the upside, she has learned to blow her nose, well...sort of. She pushes her lips together, makes a farting noise and then laughs -- definitely a Miller girl :)

I know this blog is all about her and I just whined about me the whole time. I just figure, even on a blog a mommy needs her "me" time :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Baby's Smart - S.M.R.T.

My baby is such a genius; I get told all the time. She can:

~ Climb onto the kitchen chair 12 times in a row -- new today!

~ Turn off my stereo while my rock music's playing, then toddle all the way into her bedroom
to turn on her stereo -- and her lullaby music.

~ Poor her milk or water on the floor when she's finished drinking.

~ Clean up her milk and water with a towel.

~ Retrieve the jar of raisins from the pantry every morning and tell me (grunt at me) that she
wants some -- you know, to tie her over until breakfast.

~ Help herself to anything in the fridge if I turn my back, even for a second.

~ Come to a dead stop as soon as she hears an airplane in the sky and then watch as it flies over.

~ Sign "more" when she wants, well, more ... even if it's the middle of the night and she's not
done nursing, she still manages to sign "more" with her eyes closed and in a half sleep state.

~ Put the coins in the coin slot for the photocopier and printer at the library.

~ Step onto the escalator at the mall with very little assistance (well, I help her on, but Daddy
lets her do it herself).

~ Play with Lego! She picks out all the single pieces and puts them together in a row!

Yeah, she's a genius.

PS - I have my internet back! I can start bloggin' regularly again!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Eating Is Fun :)

She loves my homemade applesauce. I make it almost every morning to go with our breakfast (gotta get in those fruits). She's always enjoyed eating whatever food I put in front of her. We have our routine:

First, we go wash our hands at the bathroom sink. I have to act fast as once she has soap on her hands it's straight into the mouth - uck. Once she's all clean, we head back to the kitchen and I plunk her in her highchair. Then, I put on her bib (all the while her hot food is cooling down in the freezer) and grab her basket full of cutlery. I say, "pick a spoon/fork" (depending on the meal) and she very thoughtfully holds her hand out and ... chooses ... a ... spoon ... ... not that one ... ... maybe ... this one. After standing there holding the basket for way too long, I count, "1 - 2 - 3" at which point she grabs a handful and I put the basket away. I bring out the food and she quickly narrows her cutlery choice down to two (one for each hand) and the others go on the floor. Then, I grab my food and we sit and enjoy :)

She eats pretty well and gets a good amount of food on her spoon/fork. If it's applesauce, she manages to turn her spoon into a shovel. She gets a huge mound on her spoon and opens her mouth three times wider than normal -- and downs it all.

Oh dear, look at the time. Gotta go to the bank... I can't wait to get my internet back at home!

Friday, March 6, 2009

I Forgot the Title :) 29 Seconds...

OK here's a test. Let's see if I can type this blog entry in less than 6 minutes. I am at the library and am on the 'express' computer (all the one hour computers are taken).

She has discovered her belly-button. She'll lift up my shirt and try to poke mine but I never let her -- who likes getting their belly-button poked? Ugh. I was reading a book that Grammy got her before naptime yesterday caled, "Where's Baby's Belly-button?" Every page has a different body part to find. I don't ever "teach" children as they figure it all out on their own (and she does). We went through the book a half dozen times. Her favorite page was the 'hand' page -- 2 minutes.

At playgroup yesterday we got to do head and shoulders knees and toes... She nailed it!! Well sort of -- she liked touching her feet and her ears too. Hasn't quite got mouth yet.

55 seconds, gotta run. Later!!