Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Loves To Dance

I know she loves music. What baby doesn't? We listen to music every single day; she gets such a big smile when I turn the music on. I didn't realize, though, how much she loves to dance.

We have a little boy starting childcare on Monday; he's been coming everyday this week for a couple of hours to get familiar. I've noticed a lot of differences in her just by having another child around. One of them is her love of dancing! She dances all the time but, today I put on Raffi and she just kept moving almost the full length of the cd. She would go play with toys and then out of nowhere would break into the classic toddler squat-bounce move. She would walk in circles and spin around and come back again. Her spins were as graceful as her heavy toddler head and disproportionate body would allow. She even added some music of her own by picking up the shakers and shaking away to the music. Toddler dancing is a real special thing. It was beautiful * tear

I picture her in her 20's, still loving to dance -- on top of the speakers at a club -- just like her mommy. Or ripping it up salsa style like Grammy. Or whatever that weird seizure move is that Aunty Shelby does, hahaha just kidding.

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