Thursday, February 26, 2009

Leaning Tower Of Pancakes

When I make pancakes, I really make pancakes -- like two dozen of them at a time. That way, I can eat until I'm full, store the rest, and have a yummy, easy breakfast all week!

Well, tonight she went shoe shopping with Aunty Amber and I stayed home and made pancakes. The pancakes were still sitting on the counter when she got home so naturally she had to check them out. She picked one up and took a bite out of it and put it in the empty pan that was sitting there. Then, she continued to pick up each pancake one at a time and stack it neatly on top of the previous one sneaking a bite every here and there. When she was done, it was a nicely stacked pancake tower -- minus some bites. From there, we went to brush her teeth and off to bed and she hasn't woken up since. I think we'll have pancakes every night for dinner because she has normally woken up once by now.

You should see her shoe shelf... It's been just over a week since my Shoesies post but her shoe collection has mysteriously quadrupled in size (thanks, again, to the aunties). She has squeaky shoes, blinky shoes and shiny, glittery shoes! Tonight, when she came in the door with Aunty, she looked at me and then pointed right down to the new shiny shoes on her feet; the smile on her face was so big I thought her head was going to pop off.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Aunty Darci has been sooooo excited because she sent Little One a brand new pair of squeaky shoes. Today they arrived in the mail!

Well, Little One was sooo ecstatic when I showed her shiny new shoes to her. When she's this excited she gets this twinkle in her eyes and can't even form a smile because her lips kind of curl in and her cheeks firm up and she does this deep, "heh" (like an almost laugh). She'll look right at you as if she's asking, "is this really happening to me!?" and that's when she'll break into a huge smile.

We got them on her feet and she was so eager to get up from sitting that she got her legs all crossed. I helped untangle her and she went to walk and -- squeak! She took another step and -- squeak! I started laughing but she didn't think it was so funny. She fussed a little then soon realized that she couldn't take a step without squeaking. She was stuck! That's right, two feet on the floor and couldn't go anywhere.

I went to the other side of the room and tried calling her to me but she just got more upset. Then, I handed her popper toy to her (you know, the one she pushes around that goes pop, pop, pop). Now, she was standing there with her popper in her hand with her feet stuck on the floor.

I took her hand and got her to take some more steps. When she started crying I figured it was time to take the shoes off. Later, when we were going outside, I told her to go get her shoes. She brought me her old shoes -- she didn't go near her new squeaker shoes that she was so excited about earlier!

Well, today was a different story. Today Daddy came to pick her up and I showed him the shoes. He put them on her and she smiled away as she went from one room to the other, "squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak". Then, she would stand in one spot and stomp her feet, "squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak!"

Tonight, I took her to the mall to play in the indoor playground; afterwards, I let her walk around. Imagine the cutest little toddler you've ever seen squeaking happily down the mall. Squeaky squeak squeak!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Sandbox!

We found a sandbox today! A really big sandbox! Well, I guess the beach is a really big sandbox... But anyway, this one is in the middle of a park, with imported sand, and shovels!

You should see the parks in the city. It's not even that warm yet and they're bumpin'! -- (full of kids). Stinker got sand thrown on her today; like three times in a row! She didn't mind, she's tough that way. And the kid's mom finally came and yelled at him.

She was so cute at the park the other day. There was an older toddler there who had a toy phone in his hand. Stinker, of course, beelined right for him but instead of going straight for it she reached out her little hand and in the daintiest little voice said, "ta?" Oh it was adorable. He just gave her an evil look and ran away.

I happened to put her in white pants today. I kind of liked the white pants because it made her dirt show up better.

Monday, February 16, 2009


She loves shoes. Every morning after breakfast she goes to get her shoes from the doorway and grunts away because she wants them on her feet. She then stomps proudly around the house laughing at the sound they make on the floor.

Often, she'll just walk around the house carrying her shoes in her hands. When we finally do get around to going somewhere there is one on her bedroom floor and another on the toy shelf. I tell her, "go get your shoes" and she will actually go find both of them.

Shoe-getting is just as exciting as shoe-wearing. I know that the first time she breaks into a run will be when she's shoe-getting. She moves so fast when I say, "go get your shoes" that she almost leaves a trail of smoke behind.

Tomorrow is going to be an extra special shoe day. You see, I just bought a shoe rack off of Craigslist (for those of you who don't know, Craigslist is an online classifieds website). I love Craigslist, I'm actually addicted to it. It's great for poor people like me -- I even got a free couch from it! Anyways, today we went downtown and picked up my new stackable shoe racks for ten dollars. I am happy to say that my shoes are no longer sitting in a cardboard box on the floor of my bedroom but lined up neatly on a shoe rack by the door that is FOUR SHELVES HIGH!

I can not wait for her to wake up in the morning, she'll be in shoe heaven! She'll take them all off the rack one by one. She'll try putting some on her feet and then come over to me and try to put them my feet. She'll pick a favorite pair and walk around the house with them in her hand (until she sees something more interesting and drops them on the spot). When I tell her, "go get your shoes" she'll have FOUR pairs to find -- what a challenge! Oh tomorrow is going to be such a fun day I have to go to bed right now so morning will come faster!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I figured because I made people wait a full week for a new post that I would make up for it by writing two nights in a row! If you're lucky maybe I'll do three...but that's as far as I'll go :)

You know what I love the most? I love that she can say good-bye and wave. But, not just to people leaving or when she, herself, leaves. No, I love that she waves good-bye to the bathtub water going down the drain, or to the toilet water as it's going down. I love that she turns around to wave good-bye to the park as we're leaving and to the bedroom as she walks out the door. I love that she waves good-bye to cars and bicyles. And, sometimes she'll catch herself and go back as she almost forgot to wave good-bye to the piano after she was done playing. It's still the high pitched, "bye!". So cute :)

Grammy's coming this weekend. It will be a happy reunion :) Grammy won't recognize her with all her new teeth!

Check out these German-made, wooden, non-toxic, eco-friendly toys I discovered -- my kind of toys! The company is Carl & Me and I must say I am impressed :) Check out those rocking horses! ...And that cool block and tackle! You know they're good toys when they're made in Germany. Those Germans... They must have good Early Childhood Education in that country because they produce some really great stuff - cars, toys, veinerschnitzel...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Double-Dog-Dare You To Leave A Comment :)

Hi! Me again!! It's been almost a week since I wrote last -- even after I promised to never, ever go that long again!!!!!!!! Well, we had to call the firefighters two nights in a row because our carbon monoxide detector went off. Sure enough there was CO in our house but not enough to kill us! ...Or to even make us sick for that matter. Our landlord is great. I called him late at night; he was at a party but still managed to get up bright and early to deal with the furnace. He had a furnace guy come in and it was fixed right up in less than a day. Now that's a good landlord.

We had to call the firefighters back that evening to test to make sure it wasn't pumping anymore gas out -- which it wasn't. So, we're all good again. But, it cut into my Holistic Mommy time. On the plus side, we (myself and the lady upstairs) had a dozen different firemen come into our home. Tall one's, manly ones, strong silent types -- Little One slept through it all. I felt kind of bad and thought I should wake her up but figured that at such a young age, she wouldn't have been to fully appreciate the situation anyway. Kind of like you take them to Disneyland when they're too young to remember?

She has discovered climbing. She LOVES to climb. I'll turn around and there she'll be standing as tall as a tree (or as a fireman) on a chair, her little table, her stool in the bathroom. I take her to the playground to practise her climbing skills. I am excited to announce: SHE HAS MASTERED THE WOBBLY BRIDGE!! Today she marched right across it without even hanging on to the railing! Future Olympian she is! This is what she did at the park today:

-->Up the stairs-->across the wobbly bridge-->onto the flat landing-->got mad (I still don't know what that was about - maybe the sun was in her eyes? Maybe she wished the bridge was longer?)-->I lift her to the next landing where she walks to the top of the slide-->I sit her on my lap and she giggles as we scootch forward (have to say uh, uh, uh as we scootch)-->"weeeeee!" down the slide-->she tries to climb up the slide-->puts rocks on the slide-->toddles over to the bottom of the stairs and repeat-->7 times.

Today she said two new words. It was very exciting as I haven't heard a new word in a while! Dirty (which sounded more like "doit-doit") and bath (which was "bash"). I think she said slipper too which there aren't enough letters in the english alphabet to write what that sounded like.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

1 + 1 Makes Fun!!

She's getting a playmate! A regular five days a week playmate! I am sooo excited not just for the simple fact that she has a buddy to hang out with or that "socializing" my toddler is so important to me but because she gets to interact with another toddler without any interruptions from well-meaning adults.

I have a little secret -- I can't stand playgroups. They irritate me more than Canadian politics and President bush -- OK so politics. Period. Being someone who has worked in a room with a dozen toddlers at once finds that it is like finger nails down a chalkboard when I take her into a group of other young children only to hear, "SHARE that!" "No hitting!" "Wait your turn!" or my recent favourite, a mother told her 3 year old son, "don't play at the dollhouse, it's not a boy toy." I love that he went to the play kitchen next, hehe :)

What I am so excited about is the constant and quality interaction she is going to have by having another little one at our house for possibly a very good portion of her childhood. The two of them will go about their day and run into the many challenges of toddlerhood such as, "he 'tole my toy" "mi-ine!" "me! me! me!" I'll step in and guide them along the way and set boundaries when needed. But, for the most part, they're just going to play, play, play (because that's how kids learn). Sharing and waiting and not beating each other will come up as the life lessons that they'll learn naturally when the time comes -- and not by being snapped at, grrr :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Should Have Used the Bean Dip

I've introduced her to finger painting! I was given some finger paints from a fellow mommy I met a couple of weeks back. Of course, Little One kept eating the paint and her poo was blue for the next two days. I tried again today and, of course, she still tried eating it. I was tempted to pack it up but I'm reading this really great book, "Young at Art" which tells you, "don't pack it up!" Instead, just use safe paint or something edible.

It was then that I remembered I made black bean dip this morning. Perfect! I washed her hands, gave her a fresh new piece of paper and put a spoonful of bean dip on her paper! She didn't eat it... Meany.

I've learned a lot from this book already -- I'm only on the intro. I always thought I was great at encouraging children's artistic talents but it turns out I was stifling the poor children. With drawing, I've learned;

~never ever write on the children's drawings (I'm guilty)
~save every piece of art ever made (oops)
~let them draw every single day
~to introduce scribbling (scribbling is positive, meaningful work -- I knew that) to a toddler, use one large piece of quality paper (oops) and one black crayon with the paper taken off.

I thought it was interesting to use one crayon rather than every colour in the rainbow. Now, every morning when we wake up I tape one large piece of flimsy paper (cuz that's all I've got) to the little table (that Grammy bought for her) and lay out one black crayon. When the mood strikes, she picks up the crayon and starts scribbling away. Every morning she spends more and more time working on her paper -- today she hit the one minute mark!


So I'm working on getting some income. Childcare really doesn't pay enough. I decided to stop turning down families and just take the next one that contacts me. I put out some more ads and sure enough I have a mother who's interested. What's really great is that she only needs care until 2 in the afternoon!! Holla!! To supplement my pathetic childcare income I've become a Discovery Toys consultant! My kit arrives in 8 days. Who wants to throw a toy party!? I'm also learning different ways that I can make money through my blog. You wouldn't believe it but the blogging community (yes, there is a community) is quite dorky. I'll just give all you loyal Holistic Mommy readers a heads up -- if I suddenly sound like an infomercial, just disregard it, keep reading and remember... A mother's gotta do what a mother's gotta do!