Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Sandbox!

We found a sandbox today! A really big sandbox! Well, I guess the beach is a really big sandbox... But anyway, this one is in the middle of a park, with imported sand, and shovels!

You should see the parks in the city. It's not even that warm yet and they're bumpin'! -- (full of kids). Stinker got sand thrown on her today; like three times in a row! She didn't mind, she's tough that way. And the kid's mom finally came and yelled at him.

She was so cute at the park the other day. There was an older toddler there who had a toy phone in his hand. Stinker, of course, beelined right for him but instead of going straight for it she reached out her little hand and in the daintiest little voice said, "ta?" Oh it was adorable. He just gave her an evil look and ran away.

I happened to put her in white pants today. I kind of liked the white pants because it made her dirt show up better.

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