Monday, February 16, 2009


She loves shoes. Every morning after breakfast she goes to get her shoes from the doorway and grunts away because she wants them on her feet. She then stomps proudly around the house laughing at the sound they make on the floor.

Often, she'll just walk around the house carrying her shoes in her hands. When we finally do get around to going somewhere there is one on her bedroom floor and another on the toy shelf. I tell her, "go get your shoes" and she will actually go find both of them.

Shoe-getting is just as exciting as shoe-wearing. I know that the first time she breaks into a run will be when she's shoe-getting. She moves so fast when I say, "go get your shoes" that she almost leaves a trail of smoke behind.

Tomorrow is going to be an extra special shoe day. You see, I just bought a shoe rack off of Craigslist (for those of you who don't know, Craigslist is an online classifieds website). I love Craigslist, I'm actually addicted to it. It's great for poor people like me -- I even got a free couch from it! Anyways, today we went downtown and picked up my new stackable shoe racks for ten dollars. I am happy to say that my shoes are no longer sitting in a cardboard box on the floor of my bedroom but lined up neatly on a shoe rack by the door that is FOUR SHELVES HIGH!

I can not wait for her to wake up in the morning, she'll be in shoe heaven! She'll take them all off the rack one by one. She'll try putting some on her feet and then come over to me and try to put them my feet. She'll pick a favorite pair and walk around the house with them in her hand (until she sees something more interesting and drops them on the spot). When I tell her, "go get your shoes" she'll have FOUR pairs to find -- what a challenge! Oh tomorrow is going to be such a fun day I have to go to bed right now so morning will come faster!


  1. AWWWW!!! I am going to the shoe store RIGHT NOW to get her a new pair of shoes!! I want to find those ones they wear in China that go "squeak" with every step they sounds sooo cute when they run and make fast squeaks..

  2. Hi!! Just got back from downtown buying squeakers - don't know if I got the right size, what's she wearing now?

  3. 4 I think -- who ARE you?

  4. Hi Linder

    Darci's teaching me how to post a comment.

    Loce Dad

  5. Guess I should also teach him how to spell...

  6. You should post pictures of where the shoes end up! You could make a weekly post out of it ;)

  7. Haha, what a funny idea Ginger! Too bad I dropped my camera on the floor and now it doesn't take pictures anymore :( I still want to buy the camera you showed me that is similar to yours... I need a few paycheques!