Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Double-Dog-Dare You To Leave A Comment :)

Hi! Me again!! It's been almost a week since I wrote last -- even after I promised to never, ever go that long again!!!!!!!! Well, we had to call the firefighters two nights in a row because our carbon monoxide detector went off. Sure enough there was CO in our house but not enough to kill us! ...Or to even make us sick for that matter. Our landlord is great. I called him late at night; he was at a party but still managed to get up bright and early to deal with the furnace. He had a furnace guy come in and it was fixed right up in less than a day. Now that's a good landlord.

We had to call the firefighters back that evening to test to make sure it wasn't pumping anymore gas out -- which it wasn't. So, we're all good again. But, it cut into my Holistic Mommy time. On the plus side, we (myself and the lady upstairs) had a dozen different firemen come into our home. Tall one's, manly ones, strong silent types -- Little One slept through it all. I felt kind of bad and thought I should wake her up but figured that at such a young age, she wouldn't have been to fully appreciate the situation anyway. Kind of like you take them to Disneyland when they're too young to remember?

She has discovered climbing. She LOVES to climb. I'll turn around and there she'll be standing as tall as a tree (or as a fireman) on a chair, her little table, her stool in the bathroom. I take her to the playground to practise her climbing skills. I am excited to announce: SHE HAS MASTERED THE WOBBLY BRIDGE!! Today she marched right across it without even hanging on to the railing! Future Olympian she is! This is what she did at the park today:

-->Up the stairs-->across the wobbly bridge-->onto the flat landing-->got mad (I still don't know what that was about - maybe the sun was in her eyes? Maybe she wished the bridge was longer?)-->I lift her to the next landing where she walks to the top of the slide-->I sit her on my lap and she giggles as we scootch forward (have to say uh, uh, uh as we scootch)-->"weeeeee!" down the slide-->she tries to climb up the slide-->puts rocks on the slide-->toddles over to the bottom of the stairs and repeat-->7 times.

Today she said two new words. It was very exciting as I haven't heard a new word in a while! Dirty (which sounded more like "doit-doit") and bath (which was "bash"). I think she said slipper too which there aren't enough letters in the english alphabet to write what that sounded like.


  1. thank god no one got hurt.

    also, sounds like you had a blast!

  2. Wow you have a good landlord all right. I just wanted to offer an idea for your daughter. I bet she will want a puppy at some stage. Have you ever thought about teddy bear puppies?