Thursday, February 12, 2009


I figured because I made people wait a full week for a new post that I would make up for it by writing two nights in a row! If you're lucky maybe I'll do three...but that's as far as I'll go :)

You know what I love the most? I love that she can say good-bye and wave. But, not just to people leaving or when she, herself, leaves. No, I love that she waves good-bye to the bathtub water going down the drain, or to the toilet water as it's going down. I love that she turns around to wave good-bye to the park as we're leaving and to the bedroom as she walks out the door. I love that she waves good-bye to cars and bicyles. And, sometimes she'll catch herself and go back as she almost forgot to wave good-bye to the piano after she was done playing. It's still the high pitched, "bye!". So cute :)

Grammy's coming this weekend. It will be a happy reunion :) Grammy won't recognize her with all her new teeth!

Check out these German-made, wooden, non-toxic, eco-friendly toys I discovered -- my kind of toys! The company is Carl & Me and I must say I am impressed :) Check out those rocking horses! ...And that cool block and tackle! You know they're good toys when they're made in Germany. Those Germans... They must have good Early Childhood Education in that country because they produce some really great stuff - cars, toys, veinerschnitzel...

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  1. Feelin' tha love! I LOVE it!!

    Happy Valentines day Fluffy LaPoop!

    Shelby xox