Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Aunty Darci has been sooooo excited because she sent Little One a brand new pair of squeaky shoes. Today they arrived in the mail!

Well, Little One was sooo ecstatic when I showed her shiny new shoes to her. When she's this excited she gets this twinkle in her eyes and can't even form a smile because her lips kind of curl in and her cheeks firm up and she does this deep, "heh" (like an almost laugh). She'll look right at you as if she's asking, "is this really happening to me!?" and that's when she'll break into a huge smile.

We got them on her feet and she was so eager to get up from sitting that she got her legs all crossed. I helped untangle her and she went to walk and -- squeak! She took another step and -- squeak! I started laughing but she didn't think it was so funny. She fussed a little then soon realized that she couldn't take a step without squeaking. She was stuck! That's right, two feet on the floor and couldn't go anywhere.

I went to the other side of the room and tried calling her to me but she just got more upset. Then, I handed her popper toy to her (you know, the one she pushes around that goes pop, pop, pop). Now, she was standing there with her popper in her hand with her feet stuck on the floor.

I took her hand and got her to take some more steps. When she started crying I figured it was time to take the shoes off. Later, when we were going outside, I told her to go get her shoes. She brought me her old shoes -- she didn't go near her new squeaker shoes that she was so excited about earlier!

Well, today was a different story. Today Daddy came to pick her up and I showed him the shoes. He put them on her and she smiled away as she went from one room to the other, "squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak". Then, she would stand in one spot and stomp her feet, "squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak!"

Tonight, I took her to the mall to play in the indoor playground; afterwards, I let her walk around. Imagine the cutest little toddler you've ever seen squeaking happily down the mall. Squeaky squeak squeak!

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