Friday, March 13, 2009

My Baby's Smart - S.M.R.T.

My baby is such a genius; I get told all the time. She can:

~ Climb onto the kitchen chair 12 times in a row -- new today!

~ Turn off my stereo while my rock music's playing, then toddle all the way into her bedroom
to turn on her stereo -- and her lullaby music.

~ Poor her milk or water on the floor when she's finished drinking.

~ Clean up her milk and water with a towel.

~ Retrieve the jar of raisins from the pantry every morning and tell me (grunt at me) that she
wants some -- you know, to tie her over until breakfast.

~ Help herself to anything in the fridge if I turn my back, even for a second.

~ Come to a dead stop as soon as she hears an airplane in the sky and then watch as it flies over.

~ Sign "more" when she wants, well, more ... even if it's the middle of the night and she's not
done nursing, she still manages to sign "more" with her eyes closed and in a half sleep state.

~ Put the coins in the coin slot for the photocopier and printer at the library.

~ Step onto the escalator at the mall with very little assistance (well, I help her on, but Daddy
lets her do it herself).

~ Play with Lego! She picks out all the single pieces and puts them together in a row!

Yeah, she's a genius.

PS - I have my internet back! I can start bloggin' regularly again!


  1. She is smart! Welcome back!!!

  2. Don't you love how much signing opens up their world!

  3. Thanks Breeze!

    Signing is great! You know, I stopped signing for a while cuz I thought, "this is ridiculous, I don't need signs I know what my baby is telling me" (cuz I'm so in tune with my baby and all) But, now that she's 17 months, she is just downright frustrated when I don't know what she's trying to communicate and signing has become very useful for her. So yay!