Monday, March 30, 2009

She Taught Herself To Pee On the TOILET!!

Oh my goodness, you are all so have a Guest Blogger!!!

Aunty Shelby is on the scene tonight, having put Lindy in charge of sorting out my beads that got all mixed up...about a fifty hour job she'll do great.

It's been a couple of months since I've seen my niece and I was blown away by how smart she is for such a wee little person!

She knows how to unlock the tiny twisty locky piece on a doorknob when the doorknob is locked, she knows how to sign for 'more' when she wants more food, and now she's taught herself how to go pee on her little toilet!!!

After her bath tonight she was bolting around here in her birthday suit, doing laps around the kitchen table, hiding and giggling, then suddenly disappeared. My sister noticed she'd gone into the bathroom and was checking out her little toilet...then sitting on it...something totally new.

My sister brought it out into the middle of the livingroom to give Aunty Shelby a show and tell of her new skill. She would sit down, giggle, we'd cheer her on, then she'd bounce off do a lap and sit down again. She dragged it all over the livingroom, turned it around, looked at it...then sat down again. She did this a few times. My sister had a bright idea of actually checking to see if anything had been produced out of all this, and low and behold...there was pee in the toilet!

We both were as excited as five year olds on Christmas, cheering for that smart little nugget...we gave her a high five each then signed for 'more'....which she did...just not over the toilet;)

Maybe I'm a little biased but I've got the smartest little niece in the world!

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