Thursday, March 26, 2009

Holistic Mommy's Ridiculous Toy Review #1 ~ Infant/Toddler Dance Tower

That's it I've had it. Just when I thought toys couldn't get any more ridiculous I come across this:

It is... a dance tower. Yes, a tower... for dancing. For your toddler...
It has three stages so your infant, all the way to toddler can enjoy it. It has piano keys that light up and a bear that sings. It has a microphone for baby to sing along and "keeps baby occupied" with "fun learning activities" !! Look closely, it even has places for them to put their feet. Look even more closely... Do you see it? The dancing? Neither do I.


On the flip side, here are some great time-tested - and inexpensive - props to add to your toddler's daily dance session:


and bubbles!


  1. It's all a bit much isn't it? I am overwhelmed sometimes by the number of toys I see in peoples homes for a's crazy making..bubbles..yeah, that's the ticket!

  2. plop that in front of a t.v and you'd be good to go- LOL
    Really - plastic toys drive me nuts- and all the noise they make ugggg-
    we kept getting plastic noise making toys from well intentioned friends and relatives, I snuck them all out of the house when my daughter was napping. As far as I know she never missed them.
    Now I tell relatives only natural toys please:)