Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh Poo

She woke up the other morning and started to make this hearty laugh. It came all the way from the bottom of her diaphragm; she sounded a lot like an Inuit throat singer. She's been laughing like that ever since. She'll just sit there, in her highchair, on the floor with her toys, while she's digging through the kitchen cupboards and laugh like that. It's pretty funny and definitely not a noise I've ever heard come out of a baby.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Eww, I think I forgot to tell you all about the poo incident. I gave her a bath last week and afterwards put her in her fluffy pink bathrobe (the one she got from our friend Brandi -- thank you Brandi!). Then I put her on the bedroom floor to play ie: push all the buttons on the stereo, pull all my purses out of the drawer, empty the clean diaper basket onto the floor. I went to go and clean up the bathroom and I wasn't even gone for two minutes when I came back and noticed something underneath her -- she pooed on the floor! You know, when they poo in a diaper you don't really know if they're excreting healthy logs or if it really is just a bunch of mush. So, I was actually quite impressed, almost relieved, to see a nicely formed log sitting there on my carpet. Anyways, I was about to say, "eww baby you pooed on the floor!" But, then I noticed she was holding something high up in the air and singing in her beautiful high-pitched baby voice -- what she normally does when she's discovered something really exciting to play with. Yeah, she was holding her own poo; she was holding it up like she won a prize -- she looked so proud. I was still sick at the time so it really wasn't that funny. But, it cleaned up easily and she didn't eat it that time... And really, one poo accident in 14 months isn't that bad.

(Imagine the gross pictures I had

to look at when trying to find this

on a Google image search!)


  1. ...just like Aunty Darci, when she was a 'youngun'...pooed in her crib, and smeared it all over the walls, her crib, herself....'Molly' GO girl!!

  2. Molly's DaddyDecember 02, 2008

    That's my girl. I always knew she'd eventually take after me....and her aunty Darci apparently! This is my first official post on this blog and I just wanted to say that I think you are doing a wonderful job holistic mamma! I should start my own blog for my half of the stories! Like last week's exorcist vomitting by our little Molly. That was fun....changing her outfit and mine 4 times in a few hours. LOL. I know, no sympathy grammy! keep up the great writing holistic mamma.