Friday, November 28, 2008

Musical Lids

Do you remember how fun it was to get into things when you were a little kid? I used to dig through everything. My favorite was the junk drawer in the kitchen. It was full of loose screws, rolls of tape, string, batteries, and loads of other random trinkets. I can still remember the smell -- it stunk.

Lately, Molly's been getting into everything and it's been so fun watching her. I especially love the new homes she gives these things she's found. Yesterday I found her sippy cup placed neatly on the ledge by the fireplace. She crawled all the way across the huge living room just to put it there. Today, I watched her put a dishcloth into an empty egg carton and close the lid.

At Grammy's house, there are some breakable dishes that she brought back from Mexico. We usually put them up when little Molly's over because we can just imagine the carnage she would create with them. This morning I didn't put them up and sure enough she went for them -- she was so gentle with them! She would place them oh so carefully on the floor and then back onto the shelf. She removed the lids and stacked one on top of the other. Being an adult with the short attention span that I have (we think children have short attention spans) I went to cut some paper snowflakes. Later, I went to check on her and I had a good chuckle because this is what I found:
One lid flipped upside

Another lid inside...

And the lid to the teapot?
It's on the chair.
How impressed I was to find, after another paper snowflake cutting session, that she had placed the large bowl of sugar on the floor without spilling any...

And the lid? There it

Uh oh...

Now it's going to go on the floor.

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