Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How To Go Clothes Shopping With A Toddler

Molly and I just got back from shopping. I am in desperate need of clothes. So desperate, in fact, that I brought my toddler with me. We went to this funky consignment store (anyone who knows me knows I love consignment stores).

Anyways, it started off well with her sitting in the stroller and playing with the sleeves of all the sweaters. There were two other women in the store who thought she was just the cutest. They were ooh-ing and aw-ing over her while I flipped through all the jackets and half the sweaters in record time. Then, she let me know that she was done being in the stroller by letting out a good fuss. I took her out and she went and played on a little stool but when she went to grab all the shiny new shoes off the ledge, I scooped her up and we hit the change room.

In the change room...

I thought she would have a great time in there. There was a mirror, oodles of floor space, and a heat register with a fun nob to play with. But no, she had other things on her mind. She waited until I was completely shirtless and then high-tailed it outta there. Under the curtain and out into the store, all I saw was the trail of smoke she left behind. I managed to quickly throw on a shirt and redirected her back into the change room.

She likes it when I cover her head with fabric so I threw a shirt over her head and pretended to be playful. She wasn't into that. I then handed her some hangers to play with, fun right? Not today. She had one thing on her mind and that was leaving the change room. I felt like a basketball player shuffling back and forth trying to keep her from whizzing past me. I tried on the rest of the shirts as fast as possible and went to pay because at this point she was having a cow. There was another woman in the store with her two children. She had done this before; she brought books for them. But, they were losing it too at this point so she was cutting her shopping trip short as well. She beat me to the till. Her children were a few years older; she was obviously the more experienced mom.

Getting her back into her jacket and mitts was an experience I won't even get into. My baby doesn't normally tantrum because I usually have her in my fancy-dancy Ergobaby baby carrier but, today was a stroller day. I made her go into the stroller because I am a mean Mommy and then we left the store. Now we're at home playing outside. Well, she's playing; I'm workin' on my laptop. What did Mommy's do before wireless internet?

You know, if I was able to change that fast in highschool maybe I wouldn't have been late for school so much.

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