Friday, June 6, 2008

My New Addiction

So, I’m in the local thrift store looking for housewares for our home renovation project when I come across an Evenflo Snuggli babycarrier. It’s in fabulous condition but with no price tag. I took the carrier off the shelf, brought it up to the counter and asked the cashier for a price. She looked it over, thought a moment and then said, “how about one dollar?” I nearly fell over. Keeping my cool I said, “one dollar sounds good”. I handed her a loonie, tucked the carrier under my arm and got out of there as fast as I could before she could realize she just let me rob her. That was yesterday.
Today, I’m in my favorite store of all time – Value Village. I’m scanning through different fabrics and what do I stumble across, mixed in with my future kitchen curtains? A ‘Baby Wear’ sling looking brand new and wanting so badly to go home with me. How much? Three dollars and ninety-nine cents. At this point I’m starting to think someone’s playing a prank on me. I mean really, two slings in two days for five dollars? I raise my head just enough to scan the room and see if anyone’s spying on me. The coast is clear. So, once again, I tuck the sling under my arm, walk nonchalantly up to the check-out, and place it nervously on the counter. What does the cashier tell me? “If you buy four items you get the fifth one free”. I counted my items – four. I’m starting to sweat a little. I’m thinking, “my God, just let me get out of here!” But instead I said, “ok, I’ll be right back.” I beelined for the the purse I had been drooling over earlier, snatched it off the rack and walked briskly back to the till. I purchased my four items, received the fifth free and got the heck out of there. I peeled out of the parking lot, onto the highway and never looked back.
Now, I’m at home and admiring my two new slings. Between them I payed four dollars and ninety-nine cents. I now have a new addiction – thrift shopping for baby carriers. Soon, I will have a sling for every day of the week and so far, no one has called the cops on me.

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