Sunday, June 1, 2008

Me Vs. Baby - The Diaper Change Battle

Oh my goodness she has become so squirmy; diaper changes have become nearly impossible! There is just so much going on around her that distracts her from the task at hand that our once intimate diaper changes have since become battles!
There was a time when I'd lay her down for a change, we'd make eye contact and she'd smile back at me. I'd go through all her favorite songs and before you knew it, she was dry, happy, and ready to go.
These days however, it is a different story. I lay her down and she'll often let out a wail; she doesn't enjoy being on her back. So, I pick her up bounce her up and down until she laughs and then try again. It usually takes three tries before I can lay her down and have her be OK with it. If she is OK with being layed down, she'll immediately flip onto her side reaching for anything she can get ahold of and, as a result, stretching her little body to the point that she's turned herself into the letter 'C'.
I turn her onto her back and the battle is on! She flips, I bring her back; she crawls away, I grab and pull; I sing to her, clap my hands, shake a toy above her - anything to get her attention. But, she's focussed and no diaper change is going to slow her down!
Yes my little squirmy wormy. I really miss our once peaceful diaper changes. But, I know that one day, yes one day, we will have those moments once again. Sigh...

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  1. We've been going through that for a little while with The Boy. His thing now is that he turns over, sits up, and starts playing with stuff on the table within about a half-second. One of the things that worked for about 2 weeks is to make a lilitating sound by flipping r's, like "drrrr!" which got his attention long enough for me to change him. He's over that now. He has listened for the past few times when I've said "be still" and followed it with a kiss on the nose.