Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh No I Didn't!!

One of her newest words is, "HOT". Although, she leaves off the 'h' so it's "ot". I had been using the word around her for sometime and then one day when the oven was on, she went up to it, put her hand out and said, "ot". I love hearing new words come out of her mouth; she sounds so cute and it's always so exciting! Anyways, of course we got her to say it again and again.

She has begun to associate the word 'hot' with pretty much anything dangerous. She'll go up to electrical outlets, light bulbs, the toilet, hold out her hand and say, 'ot'. My favorite was the other day when I took her outside to play.

She was toddling up and down the sidewalk and decided to go check out the curb. I immediately told her, "not safe, too far" and took her little hand and led her back to the sidewalk. She went there a couple more times and I told her again, "not safe, too far". About the forth time (I'm very patient!), I stood back and watched to see what she would do. She toddled all the way up to the curb, held her hand out to the road, and said, "ot". Then, she turned around and came back! What a little smarty pants!

Yesterday, she was with her dad all day. I was all alone so I thought it would be nice to go enjoy my freedom at the mall. Well, actually I had to exchange a shirt, the whole mall experience really irritated me actually. On my way out, I thought it would be nice to grab a drink from the coffee shop. I ordered a caramel steamer and when I went to take my first sip, I nearly burnt my mouth. Worse than that, the word "ot" came flying out of my mouth -- out of nowhere! It just happened and not once, but twice, "ot, ot!" (For some reason, when you're talking to a baby, you say everything twice -- parents, have you ever noticed that!?)... Whatever.

Spell check doesn't believe that 'ot' is a word...

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