Saturday, January 17, 2009

How To Get Through A Day With A Teething Toddler

Up until this point she has had only four teeth... She's 16 months old (almost) and I think most toddlers this age have a full set of teeth by now. Well, this past week I've noticed two eye teeth and two molars pop up. The poor thing is in such discomfort and me? Well, I'M GOING INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that we've settled into our new permanent home, we've finally managed to get a routine down. I pretty much run our days like a daycare complete with a sensory table, storytime, music and movement, and more! But, now that she's teething we've been leaving the home a lot because if we're home she just tugs on my pantlegs going "uh uh uh uh uh waaaahhhhhhhhhhh". If we don't leave home within a couple of hours after waking up I get really, really, cranky (I could use a better word but I've decided not to use cuss words on my blog). So, a typical day looks something like this:

~ Wake up and I set up some toys -- a cookie sheet w/ water or rice in it, dolls, trucks, scarves, paint in a ziplock bag (no-mess painting!), turn her toy basket into a tunnel -- and then I make breakfast. I cook the same thing everyday so I never have to wonder what to make: porridge with a whole apple chopped up with cream and cinnamon... Let it simmer until it's nice and creamy, mmm mmm good.

~ Eat. We don't have her high chair at the moment so she sits at her little table and I sit at the big one. When I'm done, I go help her. Depending on how hungry she is, she'll either be doing a fabulous job eating on her own or else she'll have dumped the bowl and is shovelling it across the table with her spoon -- and that's OK with me :) I put it back in the bowl and help her finish.

~ Change diaper, let her air dry, she pees on the floor, I towel it up and diaper goes back on.

~ Get dressed, pack diaper bag, she sees me put my boots on and brings me hers. She gets mad when I try to help her so I let her do it all by herself (but not really, I'm tricky that way) and we go to play outside in our new yard!

~ She starts to fuss, I plunk her in the carseat and we go find a play group -- we don't, under any circumstance, come home until naptime :)

~ She sleeps, I work on getting a job (kind of important!?)

~ She wakes up and we look at books and then play the piano.

~ Oh look Daddy's coming to get her soon, FREEPLAY - table toys (like puzzles and stacking things), bring out the wooden playhouse and hide a different object in each room, I let her add water to her little pot which she takes to her play kitchen to cook with (or should I say dump out onto the floor -- once again, OK with me). I pack the diaper bag.

~ Daddy arrives, FREEDOM!! OR... if Daddy's not coming cuz he's at work, back OUTSIDE we go! Once she starts to fuss I put her in my Ergo and we walk up town.

~ Bath

~ Diaper, PJ's, comb that hair, brush those teeth

~ Storytime, bedtime.

~ I sweep, mop (remember the pee?), tidy, and then FREEDOM!! Ahh, I've made it through another day :)

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