Friday, December 19, 2008

A Week Of Visiting... and Way Too Much Time Spent In the Airport (Pt. 2)

While waiting at the gate in the airport, Molly took it upon herself to spread a little holiday cheer around to all the travellers and boy did she do a good job. She toddled around giving everyone a high-pitched "hi" and a wave. Not being a shy kid, she would have personally greeted every single person if I let her. You can definitely tell who the baby friendly folks are. They're the ones who, upon seeing a baby charging towards them, light right up and reach their hands out to greet her. You know by the look on their faces that this one moment is going to make their whole entire day; babies are amazing that way. I like to give people their baby fix so I just let her go and quite often she'll end up on a lap or hugging someone's leg. She usually gets to play with a cell phone, purse, glasses and even gets to play the nose-poke game now and then. After said stranger has had their baby fix (and probably going to talk about this cute baby for the rest of the week), we head off to spread some more cheer around.

Not everybody is so infatuated with babies, however. You can tell who these people are as well. They will see a baby charging toward them and try really, really hard not to make eye contact with her or myself. They shift their whole body away and try to blend in with the bench they're sitting on. Or, they will look up and then back down without even cracking a smile. I can read a person like a book and they seem to be saying, "get your effing kid away from me." In this case, I just take her little hand and redirect her attention elsewhere.

As with most toddlers, she is obsessed with cellphones and anyone on their cell phone is an instant target. Little Molly can't be fooled either. As she would be beelining to somebody on their phone, I would pick her up and plop her down somewhere else. With her being a baby, I figured she would be too disoriented to find her way back to the person on the phone. Wrong. As soon as her feet touched ground, she pointed her little body back into the right direction and headed right for the cellphone talker. How did she know? We don't give babies enough credit.

Well I've gotta go find my toothbrush. She threw hers in the toilet the other day so I've been brushing her teeth with mine. This morning I let her carry it around the house and haven't seen it since. My teeth are a little fuzzy and my breath is smelly, I need to go to bed.

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