Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Week Of Visiting... and Way Too Much Time Spent In the Airport (Pt. 1)

We are at the end of a week long trip of seeing family and friends. It all started with a cancelled flight...

While most people were stressed because their flight got cancelled, I was frazzled at the thought of having to return to the baggage carousel to retrieve my four ginourmous pieces of luggage. I was all by myself -- with a baby. You know those moments when you want to throw yourself down on the floor and cry for your mommy? This was one of those moments. I rented one of those fancy dancy luggage carts. I had to rent one, like a shopping cart, and for no other reason than luck did I happen to have a loonie on me that morning. Otherwise, I definitely would have thrown myself down and cried for my mommy.

At the baggage carousel...

I snagged the first Westjet employee I could find. I love Westjet employees. They're like Christmas elves, always so happy and willing to help in their colourful, striped shirts. Well, this woman had my bags stacked securely on the cart and me pointed in the right direction in about two minutes flat. I headed off to the desk to figure out the flight situation.

At this point Molly had just fallen asleep in the carrier. I stood in line and waited and waited and waited... Then, a George Clooney look-alike (in a striped shirt) noticed I was a poor mother all by her lonesome. He pulled me out of the line and said, "I'm going to take care of you personally". My only job was to stand there and do nothing while he went and figured everything out for me -- I could handle that. He would return periodically to give me updates and then finally returned and put me on a later flight of my choice and gave me a Westjet credit for my inconveniences. Very thankful, I asked for his full name before leaving (to send a nice letter telling Westjet how rad their employees are) to which he checked his watch and responded, "I'm sorry, I'm off right now and I've really got to get out of here." I looked at him confused to which he responded, "oh, my agent number is _ _ _ _" I guess I came across as hitting on him. I felt silly, and then I realized I had just been shot down... Ouch.

It ended up being a great day. I ran into a friend who's flight was also cancelled. Molly and I ended up staying at her place that night as both our flights weren't scheduled until the next morning. We went to see another friend who just had a baby. Her baby is two months old and I finally got to meet her! At two months post-natal, I sure wasn't together enough to whip together dinner for guests on such short notice but she was. I was quite impressed. Dinner was delicious and then we all stayed up late catching up and watching a movie before heading out to catch some zzz's.

The next morning, Molly and I caught our plane and were off to Edmonton! It was -28 there. It felt really cold. I need to go back to the arctic; the south is turning me into a softy. In Edmonton we stayed at Uncle Garnet's and Aunty Heather's. Grandpa and Aunty Darci showed up as well. Darci took over all the diaper changes and baths -- she'll make a great husband one day :) Molly was very excited to see her family. After Edmonton I visited with some friends in the sunny Okanagan. I saw my sister who is selling her jewellery in the mall, and now I have just arrived in Vancouver where, I guess is home now. I just need to find a place. I should rename this blog "Transient Mommy".


  1. when we buy a house in Otown, you can come make your place with us ;)

  2. I'll be your live-in nanny!