Saturday, December 6, 2008

An Eventful Day

She attended her first birthday party today! There were so many kids there -- big kids, little kids, medium sized kids. It felt strange to leave her in the playroom to play with them all but, she fit right in. She did quite well I must say -- as did I. She didn't get trampled nor did she tackle anyone (like she does with our four dogs and with the children at playgroup).

I went into the playroom at one point and told the older kids, "if she starts to bother you just holler BABY! and I'll come get her". Well, she tried to take the socks off of one girl's feet and also tried taking their dollhouse for a walk. Other than that, everything was just peachy and they all had a gay old time together. She loved the balloons that were all over the place. She would walk around the house with a balloon three times the size of her head in her mouth; she probably thought the knot was a nipple... Silly baby. I don't know how she could see where she was going. Although, with just three weeks of walking under your belt, watching where you're going wouldn't really matter. One little guy found a plastic dog on a rope and he towed it throughout the house. Molly got sooo excited when she saw that toy; she laughed, hollered, shrieked, flapped her arms, stomped her feet and then followed the dog everywhere the boy pulled it.

Tonight, we went to see Santa Claus who was in town to light the big Christmas tree. He showed up on a firetruck! Santa was in the ladder which raised up to the top of the tree. Everybody counted to three and then he waved his hand and the tree lit up. Every single kid in the crowd nearly fell over; the expressions on their faces were priceless. One little girl's eyes were so huge I thought they were going to pop right out of their sockets. After the tree was lit, Santa was lowered to the ground -- right in front of us! He got out and walked right passed us; if Molly were two or three she would have fainted. Speaking of two year olds... Just then my friend's almost two year old whizzed right past me with her chasing behind. Apparently, as soon as Santa touched ground he bolted off to find him. She managed to keep up with him and he got to see Santa.

Now we're at home and Molly's asleep. Ahhh... Tomorrow we're going straight to Grammy's to have a full day of Christmas crafts and card making. I don't know what we'll make yet. I'm on my way to Google right now to find out!

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