Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blocks! The Best Toy Ever!

So what does a Holistic Mommy get her toddler for Christmas? A set of unit blocks of course! The ones I bought are the Melissa and Doug 60 piece standard unit blocks:

Why blocks? Well because they can become...

A pony castle:

Or a troll bridge:

I have more but they're on my laptop -- which is a nine hour drive away :)

If you've got some time here is a great post on unit blocks and what makes them so important. And yes, Molly has had some form of blocks from the point she realized she had hands that could move things... Or, should I say, a nose that could move things...


  1. You will probably never see the entire set of those blocks again.

  2. Hehehe... That's OK. If she loses one there's still 59 more!