Friday, May 30, 2008

Preparing For College

We've finally gone in and set up an education fund for our baby. We sure wish we had education funds because we're still paying off student loans!
I think she's going to be an engineer. She's so pensive... She'll be bouncing up and down in her jolly jumper, getting huge air then all of a sudden she'll stop. She'll look up at the spring and other parts above her as if she's thinking, "hmm, how does this work, what are the physics behind this, how can I make it better?"
Even in the Exersaucer she be springing up and down, then suddenly stop as she turns her focus to all the gadgets thinking, "how does this all go together, what do each of these parts do?"
When she was in the womb, we swore she was going to be a soccer player, or a dancer, or a Ninja! She was always active - all the way to the end. On day one she lifted her head and on day eight she did four pushups on Grandpa's chest!
Who knows what she will become. But, I can't wait to find what her interests are as she grows up; I will support any interest she has. And when she hits college we should hopefully have enough tucked away to financially support her as well...hopefully!

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