Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Exciting Milestone - Stair Climbing

She crawled up the stairs yesterday! In our basement there is a hallway with our bedroom at one end and the staircase at the other. She has been hanging out at the bottom of the stairs a lot lately.

Well, yesterday I was in the bedroom and she was playing with toys at the bottom step. I would peer down the hallway to check on her; I could see her legs at the bottom of the stairs. At one point, she started to make quite a fuss. I looked down the hallway and there were no legs! I ran down the hallway to find her on all fours on the first stair; she looked so darn cute! I cheered for her and she laughed. I sat back as she continued her way up. She made it up three stairs!

Today, Grammy came over so I had to show her. My sister came home early (we live with my sister) so I had to show her too. It's like she's at an excercise class with all the stair repitions we're making her do! She is so iddy biddy and to see her tiny body moving up the huge staircase just looks unnatural!


  1. awww, that is so sweet. I'm glad no one is giving you a hard time about letting her climb the stairs. I do ti with mine, if you walk behind them you can catch them if they fall, but to be honest, after 6 kids, I've never had a kid fall while trying to climb the stairs. Ever. My MIL used to freak out- panting and gasping when the babies would climb the stairs. Even if we were right there next to them. It kind of made the babies scared.

  2. Hmm, with six kids the older ones could follow her up and I could go take a nap :)

    Honestly though, I don't have a good reason to stop her from going up the stairs and as far as safety is concerned, she's going to go up and I'd rather her learn how with me their supporting her, rather than with her trying to run up the stairs later on when she's "not allowed".

    I think that was the biggest run-on sentence I have ever written...