Friday, September 26, 2008

Molly Meets The Bananaphone Man!

We met Raffi today! My mom is participating in a conference this weekend and Raffi is a keynote speaker. I was with a friend and we happened to walk past where the conference was being held. They were on a lunch break and my mom spotted us from inside. She ran out to stop us and to smother her grandbaby with kisses. She told me, "Raffi is here!" (I told her he was but she didn't believe me). I got maybe a little excited... I started squealing like a pig and jumping up and down -- OK so maybe I didn't squeal like a pig but, I was pretty excited! My friend and I hopped over the banister and went inside for a bite to eat and my mom went to find Raffi. She came back and told me he was just around the corner.
So, we grabbed little Molly and off we went to get her autographed. Of course when I met him I turned into SuperDork. It didn't phase me that he looked absolutely exhausted and ready to take a nap on the couch he was sitting on. Instead, I completely bombarded him with my dorkiness. It went something like this:

Me - "I have to shake your hand!"

Raffi - Looking exhausted, he smiles and shakes my hand -- I nearly dislocate his elbow. I let go and he leans back into the couch - says nothing...(probably hoping I'd beat it)

Me - To Molly, "Look Molly! It's the Bananaphone man!" (like he's never heard that one before)

I grabbed her from Grammy and shove her towards Raffi. Dangling my baby in front of his face I ask, "can I get a picture of her with you!?"

Raffi all smiles, politely gets up and stands next to us... Smile, cheese, picture taken, Raffi sits back down. Silence.

I get the point and turn to leave him alone, I'm like a puppy with my tail between my legs... I get the sudden realization that I was that crazy fan. I'm just glad I didn't say, "I'm your number one fan!" Ah was a great picture!

I think I should go write a letter of apology...

"Dear Raffi - Sorry I bombarded you at the conference; I don't know what came over me..."

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  1. Oh hilarious, I've done the same thing, only my husband was actually working on the films, so I've done ti several times. I just don't know why I can't be cool about it. I plan to be, but then I'm like "OMG there's ***, how is my hair?" Surely they're used to it and congrats on the picture!