Saturday, September 6, 2008

Motormouth In Training

Holy cow, has she ever just hit a total language growth spurt!

OK, so I've been trying to teach her sign language right? She'll let me know she's hungry and I'll sign and say, "hungry!?' And then I'll teach her the food she's eating (OK, so I only know, apple, plum, and banana right now). And other words: "more" "food" "wait" "finished".

Well yesterday, in her highchair, she signed "more"! YAY!


Everytime I need to change her butt, I say "diaper!" and go get her. Yesterday, I said, "diaper!" and she said, "di-pa" in the cutest, sweetest little girlie voice EVER! I thought I was hearing things so I had her say it again...and then again!


When she is getting her butt change and trying to crawl away, I tell her, "stay on your back" and hold her down with my hand. So yesterday, I tell her "stay on your back" and what does she do? She mutters something along the lines of aye-ah-oh-bah -- which, by the way, sounds a heck of a lot like, "stay on your back" in baby talk!


As Aunty went to leave the house she waved goodbye. What does Molly do? Gives her a wave and says bye-bye! Aunty almost teared up!

She also says "hi" when the phone rings or when I pick it up to call someone.

And, when Grammy came over last night before bed, she gave her a hi and bye-bye too!

Oh so exciting!

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