Sunday, September 14, 2008

She Is Such A Butthead

Oh my goodness is she ever becoming her own little person now (others may refer to it as "mischievous")!! Let's see... here are some of the things she has been doing lately:

~ When she has something in her mouth I'll say "open" and she'll stick out her tongue and whatever was in there will pop out. Starting a few days ago however, she'll close her mouth tight and grin while I try to pry it open to get whatever it was out.

~ If she's into something that's not safe I'll say, "uh oh!" and, more times than not, she'll stop. Now though she looks at me, lets out this big squeal of delight, and then keeps going at it.

~ If she's heading towards something and I let her know that it's not OK, she'll look back at me, flash a real big toothless smile and then crawl towards it as fast as she can.

~ If I need to pick her up, or take something from her like, oh I don't know, the dog's gross slimy ball, she'll grunt and holler at me.

Tomorrow I'm going to bring in some new toys for her to play with and I'm also going to try and hobble my crippled butt (I broke my foot and have been on crutches for the last 4 I'm in a walking cast!) outside with her. I bought a water table (a plastic Tupperware container with a lid) for her so we'll try that out on the deck. I'll let y'all know how it goes!

Oh she is a butt-head that one! But I'm lovin' it!

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