Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Have You Seen the Band-Aids?"

Molly got into a box of Band-aids I had sitting on my bed.

I watched as she took them out one by one and placed them in a not-so-neat pile in front of her. Next, she playfully shoved them back into the box, fistfuls at a time. Then, she used her little pincer grasp to take them out one by one -- again. This time though, she would pick one up and put it over here, pick another up and put it over there... For the grande finale, she tossed each one over the side of the bed and watched as it fell to the floor below her.

This has become her morning ritual - she wakes up, rubs her eyes for five minutes straight (so cute!) and then goes straight for her box of Band-aids.

Of course, the Early Childhood Educator in me wonders, "what is she getting out of this?" At this age, you'll notice babies will naturally start fitting things into other things. They also like to collect and gather things.

I've accumulated many, many baskets from the thrift store and have been putting lots of small 'gathery' (is that a word?) type things into them -- blocks, Little People, legos (the bigger ones!). I set them out on the floor and sure enough, when it comes time to clean up, the baskets are completely empty and most of the blocks are in a pile on the floor, while the rest are shoved into the openings of other toys, in the plant, in the book basket, or carefully placed under the coffee table.

As for the Band-aids... I decided they're going to go back into their cupboard in the bathroom BUT I found a wee little cardboard box and some poster board that I'm going to cut into Band-aid size strips. The cardboard won't crinkle as nice as the Band-aid packaging does but, we'll see what kind of fun she will come up with for them...


  1. My son LOVES stacking cups. And pots and pans, too. He has loved the cups ever since he could crawl--he puts one on each hand and clanks around the house. Now he actually plays with them--putting one inside another, or one on top of the other. Putting lids on pots and pots on his head.

    And pulling tissues out of the box, gleefully.

  2. That is so funny! I could just picture my little one clanking around the house with cups on her hands... Funny, she just discovered that she can take pots out of the cupboard this morning. We'll see where she goes with that one!