Sunday, October 5, 2008

I haven't put up any pictures in a while because I seem to have misplaced my camera...again. I think it's in the car. Anyways, here's a classic shot of her checking out her new birthday present (thank you Anthony!) in her buttless pants (thank you Aunty Darci!).

A little more on the buttless pants -- my sis was teaching in China for five months and was elated to see that babies didn't wear diapers where she was. Instead, whenever they felt the urge they just, well, peed. It didn't matter where, on a crowded bus, in Wal-Mart, on Darci's foot...pee, pee, pee.

I forgot to ask, what did they do when they had to poo, Darci?

Buttless pants aside, I would just like to remind all you Canadians that the Federal Election is on October 14th :) Tomorrow, October 5, is the last day you can vote by advanced polls. If we can vote for Canadian Idol then we can vote for our Prime Minister! And, if you don't vote, Molly is going to pee on your foot.


  1. Sooooo don't want Molly pee on my foot...think I'll be voting:) Lol!

  2. What do they do if they have to poo? Well one time at the zoo we went to see the dolphin show and while sitting in the bleachers, toddler in front of us signals to his mom that he has to go and mom pulls a piece of newspaper from her purse, lifts the toddler up and climbs to the empty row behind us. She props the toddler on the paper and he squatted and left behind a nicely coiled pile of poop!

    I saw this on more than one occasion!

  3. Aaaaaahahahahahahaaaa!!
    I forget to bring wipes half the time... I'd never remember to pack newspaper!