Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm Baa-aack!

For those of you who are unaware, I broke my foot earlier this summer and had been in a cast and on crutches for four weeks. That was followed by two weeks in a walking cast and, just two days ago -- seven weeks after the incident -- I finally got to remove the cast altogether!

So what happened?

Well, I was walking my sisters big fat diabetic chocolate lab, Kola, at the dog park when another dog came out of the bush and was suddenly fact to face with Kola. Kola decided to take down this other dog and the wrestling match began. They tumbled right over to me and Kola's fat ass rammed into my foot. I didn't realize before what a hefty, lean, dog she is and I right away felt my foot bone (OK my fifth metatarsel) snap. Mmmm. It actually felt (and sounded) like a knuckle cracking. I knew right away that it was a fracture and began the long walk back to my car with baby in her sling. It didn't hurt at first but about half way back it became so painful with every step that I wanted to cry to my mommy. Funny how the dog park is always so full of people, and now that I was in a state of emergency, they all vanished?? Also funny how I have my cell phone for 'emergencies' but I had to flag down a couple of vehicles as I didn't even have it with me. My mom came to pick me up to take me to the hospital. Five and a half hours in the hospital later, the doctor informed me that I had, indeed, fractured my foot and could not bear any weight for 4 WEEKS! I cried.

I had lots of help though. It was more like a vacation from motherhood (which I so badly needed!!) We brought the mattress from my bed up into my sister's living room and that is where Molly and I lived for 6 weeks. I did crafts and wrote some stuff and once I tried vacuuming; it took almost an hour to do one floor...

Now I am so happy to be back on my two feet! I walk kind of funny because my foot lost all it's flexibility -- nothing physio can't fix. I'm loving my new-found freedom. We've been to the park twice already and going to see a friend tomorrow. I went thrift shopping (my favorite!) and when I get brave enough, will take Kola back to the dog park. For now it's just fetch outside :)
Here's a picture of her eating her snack on the bed -- the highchair didn't get used very much. There were always lots of crumbs in the bed!

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