Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Sensory Experience

She’s playing in the plant right now. We have a huge planter that’s almost as tall as she is and it’s full of so much dirt. Who needs a sandbox!? She’s grabbing handfuls of dirt and smooshing it in her hands. Now she’s letting it go all over the floor. Ooh how fun, she’s rubbing it all into the floor. Remember the wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish? Well apparently dirt does too. Hardwood floors are good for something; it takes nothing to just sweep up after her.

She had a great birthday and I had a relaxing time in Vancouver. We’re going again for Halloween… The drive was something to be desired. 10 hours to get there… Not bad. Two days to get back, ugh! This time we’ll stop halfway and stay overnight with family. It took her about four days to get back on schedule then she came down with a cold. I imagine that had a lot to do with all the craziness of the last week.

Haha, her hands are covered in dirt and she’s got it all over her face. Of course she’s eating it; I mean I’ve already had my eyes off her for 30 seconds. Mmm, that’s a big chunk. Yucky, maybe you shouldn’t be eating the dirt like that. What the..? That’s not dirt. Oh my God you're eating cat poo!!!! Oh you gross girl. Yucky! That’s so not good -- I am such a bad mom. Let me see inside your mouth -- nothing, relief. Oh man it’s all over your hands. So not healthy. Eww, let’s go wash your hands you gross, gross baby.

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