Saturday, October 18, 2008

We got through three 1st birthday parties without any sugar! Well maybe a couple of mini marshmallows and some cake and icing when I left little Molly alone with Grammy for less than a minute...

Vancouver was great. I had a nice break and little Molly saw her Aunty and Uncle and Poppa and of course Daddy. We realized how much she really loves people; although, my somewhat transient lifestyle has never allowed her the chance to be anything but social. Certain people she is just drawn to from the get go. She just clings to them like she's velcroed on.

She loved her birthday presents, especially the train she got from Daddy. It's this train she can sit on and push with her feet or she can push it from behind. Uncle Andy took her on laps throughout the house screeching around the corners and doing 360's in the kitchen. Little Molly just hung onto the steering wheel and honked the horn the entire way.

She is such a darn cute baby. She made two more people want babies this trip. Already, I know of one couple who's started trying for their second baby after hanging out with her for an afternoon.

I'm glad we have a baby that everyone likes! I call it beginner's luck, hehe...

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