Monday, May 4, 2009

Ugh, She Is So Boring

Everyday, when we go outside, she heads straight for the swing. As I'm always rarin' to go and excited that we finally got our butts out of the house, I want to get as far from it as possible. But noooooo. We can't. She has to go on the swing first. To be quite honest, the swing bores me -- to death. But she loves it... more than shoes.

Everyday, twice a day, it's the same thing. One step into the yard and she's already beelined across the yard for that darn swing. I tell her, "lets go to such and such and we'll swing when we get back" because I just want to leave. But I look over to see her clutching onto the swing with both hands. She doesn't make a peep instead just hangs on tight while facing me with the sweetest, most patient, "mommy I want to swing on the swing will you please put me on?" look you've ever seen. Of course I pretend not to notice her silent plea and say, "let's go for a walk and then we'll come back to the swing!" as thought it's the best idea in the world.

I go scoop her up (but I always tell her first cuz you can't pick up a child without letting them know, that's just rude). So, "1-2-3 up" She screams her head off and I still pretend not to notice. I continue with the, "ooh, maybe there will be other kids at the park this time, let's go see!" She keeps screaming and tries to wriggle free. She's not a screamer you see, so this just tells me how important this darn little swing is too her. I finally just suck it up and tell myself that if she needs to swing that bad then by golly, let the girl swing.

I put her on the swing and a huge grin covers her face. As she swings away, she goes into this calm state not really looking at anything. I wonder what she's thinking. Back and forth, back and forth. On warm, dry days I'll sit and write or read. On rainy days I just close my eyes and pretend I'm having lots of fun. Back and forth, back and forth. Rain actually makes it more boring. Yup. What's worse is that I can't even sit because my bum will get wet. After I give her a push I'll go stand on the cement path as the water squishes into my shoes if I stay on the grass.

I've learned over the past week to leave the house 20 minutes earlier so she can get in her swing time -- I can get in my bench sitting time. Won't it be nice when she's bored of the swing too?

** I have a confession to make. I started this post well over a month ago. The swing is old news as she's since moved on to the slide :)


  1. I like the whole "pretending not to notice" thing. Maybe that will work for me? LOL

  2. Be strong, you can do it! Haha