Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Fun Trip To the Mall

Her and I had the whole weekend to ourselves -- minus four hours :) You see, I was looking forward to my weekend off all week but was reminded on Friday that her dad worked this weekend = no break for me. Although, I've been having so much fun with her lately that after pouting and feeling sorry for myself, I went straight to planning the best weekend ever.

Our plans for swimming fell through as I couldn't have been bothered with trying to dig out my bathing suit. We played outside a lot. It was sunny one day and wet the other. We went to the big giant sandbox, found puddles, and we hit the mall!

I love taking her shopping; she is so entertaining. Before we go out I get to dress her up in fun outfits and then actually take the time to do her hair. She's just so darn cute. People ooh and aah over her wherever we go.

At the mall, she would point out her shiny shoes to all of these ooh'ers and aah'ers. Being quite the little show off, she would then lean over and undo the velcro straps then stand back up and wait for the praise, "ooh look at you, you can undo your shoes". Of course, they are always in for a shock as she would suddenly lift her dress up high to show them her -- bellybutton! That's my girl! She insists on seeing their bellybuttons too. Of the 20+ targets, she managed to see one bellybutton.

She loves stores. Stores have isles and racks and mirrors, oh the mirrors! Now I'm sure it sounds as though I let my toddler run around tearing up the stores but that's not at all the case. I do, however, give her the space to roam around. I would never expect an 18 month old to stay by my side and I'm definitely not going to keep her in the stroller the entire time I'm shopping. In fact, I will only put her in the stroller if it's necessary -- like when we're actually going somewhere. I don't let her grab at things and when she is heading toward that colourful rack of clothes I intercept her like an NFL linebacker (or whatever they're called) and (politely) redirect her elsewhere.

You see, when I go out it's either for her or for me. If I actually want to shop, then I'll wait until I'm alone. But, this trip was for her so I just let her do her toddler thing and have a toddler good time. She was a lot of fun this weekend. Minus the teething moments, ugh. Yes, more teeth. My brain is blah. And I think I've only been updating this about once per week. Sorry 'bout that y'all.


  1. More updates, woman!!! How else am I supposed to keep up on what's going on with little one? I miss you guys!

  2. Nioka!! We miss you too!