Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away...

Another rainy day on the coast. We love the rain. OK, maybe we don't love it -- I mean there are many things we love more than rain -- but when it arrives we suit up and head outside anyway. My neighbour is so cute, a little Italian woman who cares for her three grandchildren during the day. When she first saw us frolicking in the rain she was surprised and in her thick accent said, "oh but it's so cold out; you're little one will get sick!" Later on she got used to seeing us outside during a torrential downpour and would say, "wow, you're little one really loves the rain!" I don't think it phases her anymore as now she'll open the door, poke her head out and simply say, "you're crazy!"

Rainy days can be lonely but they have their perks. Little One gets all the puddles to herself. The slide is extra slippery on rainy days. I get to use my umbrella... Umbrellas make me think of Paddington Bear or Mary Poppins. There's something magical about them.

I have to tell you, getting kids ready to play outside on a rainy day is definitely a lot of effort. There's rain boots and rain jackets and rain pants and rain hats and waterproof mitts. A tip to all parents is to invest in a pair of Muddy Buddies They eliminate most of the steps in getting ready. You just throw them on over whatever your child is wearing and out the door you go. You can purchase them from any outdoor store such as Mountain Equipment Coop; I buy mine from Craigslist :)

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