Sunday, May 17, 2009

Toys, Toys, Everywhere Toys!

Don't tell her yet but I bought her some new toys today. I came across a garage sale on the way to the grocery store and it was loaded, I mean LOADED with kids stuff. I happen to be purging all her outgrown toys and replacing them with stuff she's really into right now so this was such a happy coincidence! For $30 I scored oodles of never ending goodness...

I found a new horsie for her collection. She loves horses because her Daddy takes her to see real ones on the weekends. She feeds her toy horses pine cones and oats and then sits on them -- even the one that is 5 inches tall. Yup, she positions herself directly over the little plastic pony and then squats down onto it; I am impressed by her leg strength. The other day she sat on one of her large stuffed horses and began bouncing up and down, pretending to ride it. I don't know who taught her this but it was pretty hilarious to watch.

I bought her two Tonka trucks, a digger and a bulldozer. There's some construction going on at the end of our block. The three of us have taken walks down to there to watch the digger and let me tell you, the two toddlers were fascinated. Surely, you can imagine my excitement when I saw the toy version of that very same digger laying on the grass at the garage sale! And to add to the excitement? There were TWO!!!!!!!!! Two toddlers, two Tonka trucks!! The garage sale attendant (hehe) gave me a full run down on how cool the bulldozers were once you added the batteries. I sat there nodding my head and smiling all the while thinking, "...batteries? I'll just add a dose of toddler imagination, thank you".

However, I did get a remote control car (more for myself!). I can't wait to show it to the kids; it's going to scare the pants off them.

I also bought a toy BMW convertible. A good taste in cars needs to start at a young age... You're welcome Uncle Andy :)

And let's see what else... Oh yeah, I scored a toddler sized wheelbarrow. I'm sure that will be fun to load up with who-knows-what and push around the house.

I also bought her a new air mattress with a window to see what's under the water and, finally, (drum roll please) her very first beach ball, yay!

I can't wait until the morning to show her.

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