Thursday, May 7, 2009

Under the Cherry Blossom Trees

It's cherry blossom season. The whole entire city is blooming in pink flowers and it's absolutely amazing. I'll take the two toddlers in the massive double stroller and park them right under the trees. I tell them to look up and this is what they see:

I've lived in many places. From the middle-of-nowhere Kootenay's, to the freezing cold high Arctic, from redneck northern Alberta, and back to the smelly city.

No where is like home -- dumps of snow every winter, the most delicious smelling springs, the familiar faces like that of the guy who burns his outdoor woodstove 5 nights a week. Yes I said outdoor woodstove. It stands in his carport with no chimney attached just smoking away. You'll see him while driving over the mountain pass on your way to work/school/swim practise, cutting down a tree with his chain saw and loading it into his truck. All this so he can fire up his woodstove -- with no chimney. Oh I miss home and all the special people in it.

Everywhere I go I find the positive in it, even in redneck Alberta . It had amazing sunsets and very friendly people. It also had large, shiny trucks and way too much money...

Anyway, here in the city, it's the cherry blossom trees and you can see why:

Little One picking up petals in her
Easter dress...

Our street lined with cherry blossom trees,

Other people's driveways... They just suck those
toddlers in like vacuum cleaners,

Picking flowers with Daddy.

I have no camera. I broke mine. I do, however, have $75. So, if anyone knows where I can pick up a decent, used digital camera with minimum 5 mega pixels, let me know!

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