Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Little One's Birthday Celebrations Continue!

Sept. 8 ~ We were excited to go to Strong Start this morning. We found out the program doesn't actually start until next week. However, after work, we went to visit my friend (who apparently is more her friend now). She got to watch a movie, drink watered down juice, eat dark chocolate (the expensive, good kind), and sip on roobois tea, mmm, what treats! She was given a shiny new purse and got to work on a puzzle.

Sept. 9 ~ We finally visited Granny Mac -- it had been so long! We went to a toy store and Granny found a birthday present for her. She kept Granny and I on our toes while in the store. Afterwards, the three of us went for lunch and then took a stroll along the seawall. Little One gave us a performance on Granny's piano. She's getting very good at the piano. She no longer smooshes down as many keys as she can but will actually line her little fingers up on the keys to play one at a time. She's going to make us rich!

She was not into getting her picture
taken with Granny Mac...

Sept. 10 ~ Our friend had sent us home with some of that delicious dark chocolate. We had it for dessert.... Breakfast dessert that is! I said "happy birthday month!" and handed it to her. Her eyes went huge and then she giggled and took it. What a mess. There was a chocolate rim surrounding her whole mouth and it was dripping right off her chin and onto her shirt. I actually put a bib on her for this extra special occasion.

Sept. 11 ~ She was at Daddy's house, I was making money with Aunty :)
Sept. 12 ~ I stole her from Daddy to take her to her best friend's birthday party. Her two best friends had moved away in the same week -- far, far, away. So, it was fun to spend all afternoon playing together and celebrating her birthday. We were at an indoor playground and their favorite was the super-duper long, steep slide. I used to need a nap and massage after following her up and down the slides and throughout those crazy playgrounds. I was delighted as now that she's such a big girl (sniff sniff) and a strong climber, mommy can stay put and watch while she comes shooting out the bottom of the slide. Every time she landed, she would stand up, jumped up and down on the floor while hollering and laughing away. and then dash back up to the top of the slide to do it all over again. She was sweaty and delirious by the time she was done.

Sept. 13 ~ Today I actually bought her a present. I had her go into her bedroom, close her eyes and when I said, "open!" she was staring right at herself through her brand new full length mirror!! What... You're not excited?? Well she sure was. Right away she found the puffiest skirt she could find and then twirled away. She spent the whole evening going back to the mirror to check herself out and twirl her skirt.

Sept. 14 ~ I was grumpy. By the time bedtime hit I realized we hadn't done anything extra special... Poo on me.

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