Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Little One's Birtday Month!

She's turning three this month. Since birthday's are meant to be celebrated all month long, here is her first week of turning three...

Sept. 1 ~ We went to see Jesse Cook in concert. Amazing! She danced, sat on my friend's lap (mommy's was no longer good enough) and as usual was a crowd pleaser. The next morning I put my Jesse Cook CD on to see if she would recognize it and she did. Immediately, a huge grin crossed her face and she started in on her Mother Earth dance moves. (If you can't quite picture how this would look, imagine arms raised to the sun, with a cute little butt groove while her hips sway to and fro -- all while in her own little happy place.)

Sept. 2 ~ We went to her favorite indoor playground at the mall. She loooves going here and although it's only five minutes from our house, we don't go there that much because you know... it's indoors. I ended up feeling yucky so we left the playground within 10 mins but hit the foodcourt for some fuel instead. It was such a highlight for her to eat spaghetti and meatballs. She got to ride the escalators and wash her hands over and over her in favorite sink. Seriously, she skips peeing altogether and just gets to handwashing. As always, she had a blast at the mall.

Sept. 3 ~ Normally, she would goes to daycare on Friday's and I work on homework. By a twist of fate, we ended up having a wonderful morning together instead (well, mostly). My car was at the mechanic and we have been taking transit. I was headed to her daycare and then onto a meeting when we got lost in transit world. Nearly an hour later we ended up back where we started ... by my house. I called to reschedule my meeting (as I would never make it in time at this point), and then asked her, "do you want to go play with your friends or do you want to hang out with mommy today?" Naturally she replied, "I want to hang out with mommy today." I told her, "great, let's go swimming!" So we hit up our favorite outdoor pool.

Sept. 4/5 She was with Daddy.

Sept. 6 When she came home from Daddy's house, I said, "it's your birthday this month!" and handed her her favorite treat -- dark chocolate covered cranberries. She was elated. It had been pouring rain all day so we suited her up in her brand new Muddy Buddies, and headed out to find the biggest puddle we could find. And boy did we find it -- I don't know how we missed this one last year. It's just one block up from our regular puddle. This puddle is so deep it is almost up to her knees. I'm sure she played in there for 45 minutes. As cars would drive by she would yell, "Mommy! Get in the puddle! You will be safe!" Of course the drivers got a kick out of this sight -- Mother and child, holding umbrella's, gumboots on, standing in half a foot of water. She jumped over, ran through, sat in, and asked, "can I drink it?" We went home, dried off, and then she got started on painting her birthday invitations.

Sept. 7 We went to a tea party this morning with our new friend. It was a blast - such an amazing group of relaxed mommy's and kids. Everyone was amazing, happy, and having fun. She made everyone iced tea, worked on playdough, drew pictures at the easel with her friends. They chitter-chattered away and were quite content the whole morning. We went on a marathon transit ride to get there and back . The transit was one big adventure for her and her friend of however not so much for me (but I didn't let on).

That's been her first 7 days of turning 3, so far it's been a blast!

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